Downtown Crossing

By - 4/20/19 - 10:58 am

NBC Boston reports two men were stabbed around 2:30 a.m. on Summer Street in front of Macy's. One suffered minor injuries, the other is now in the hospital with critical injuries.

By - 4/12/19 - 9:52 am

The BPDA board yesterday approved the Abbey Group's plan to turn long vacant storefront space along Washington Street into offices for a state agency, after the company said the move could help it rent out space between that and Macy's for the sort of retail uses that Downtown Crossing is known for. Read more.

By - 4/10/19 - 8:14 pm

The BPDA board is scheduled to vote tomorrow on a plan to turn the long vacant storefronts of the failed Lafayette Mall along Washington Street into office space for the state Department of Industrial Accidents. Read more.

By - 4/5/19 - 8:39 am

The MBTA reports Orange Line service is back to normal after delays caused by a train at Downtown Crossing with doors that just wouldn't work.

By - 3/19/19 - 10:29 pm

A large contingent of Boston firefighters went down into the Downtown Crossing T stop to investigate an odor of smoke near the CharlieCard store around 10 p.m. They returned to the surface and their firehouses after determining the odor to be the remains of a heavy pot-smoking session, but not a fire.

By - 2/8/19 - 1:23 pm

Boston Police report arresting Adelson Lovensky, 21, on charges he stabbed a man on Tremont Street near Park Street around 10:45 p.m. on Jan. 24. Read more.

By - 1/12/19 - 12:35 pm

The MBTA reports delays of up to 15 minutes on the Orange Line due to "a disabled train with a door problem" at Downtown Crossing.

By - 1/8/19 - 11:53 am

Transit Police report on the incident: Read more.

By - 12/27/18 - 8:58 am

The MBTA is reporting Orange Line delays of up to 15 minutes due to a train with "a mechanical problem" at Downtown Crossing.

By - 12/10/18 - 12:26 pm

The Globe reports an Orange Line driver had to be escorted out of his train at Downtown Crossing this morning when he refused to drive the train any further and began ranting over the PA about how dangerous the train is.

By - 11/25/18 - 6:37 pm

Washington Street is shut at Essex Street as crews try to clean up roughly 150 gallons of heating oil that spilled in the basement of 600 Washington St. shortly after 5 p.m.

By - 11/20/18 - 11:25 am

Boston Police report officers chased a gun-packing man through the streets of Downtown Crossing Monday morning before nabbing him in the men's room at the Corner Mall. Read more.

By - 11/4/18 - 12:40 pm
Gilchrist's at the corner of Washington and Winter streets in downtown Boston

Marion Trikosko captured the scene at the intersection of Washington and Winter streets, looking towards Tremont Street in what we now call Downtown Crossing, one August day in 1964. Gilchrist's is now the Corner, Albert's is an AT&T store.

From the Library of Congress's collection of Boston photos and drawings.

By - 10/29/18 - 9:06 pm

Boston Police report arresting four people for an incident at the Roche Bros., 8 Summer St., around 8:30 p.m. on Sunday. Read more.

By - 10/22/18 - 6:09 pm
Woodcock in downtown Boston

The Downtown Boston BID spotted this bird downtown today and wondered what it was.

Not that we're bird experts up here at the UHub mountain fastness, but we're pretty sure that's a woodcock - which is known to walk like an Egyptian: Read more.

By - 10/22/18 - 4:55 pm

The Globe reports the Watch Hospital on Bromfield Street closes for good on Friday.

By - 10/22/18 - 4:51 pm
Taco Bell coming to Summer Street

Impending Taco Bell.

Cybah reports the culinary hole left by the closing of the Summer Street Subway is being filled by a Taco Bell.

Boston currently has just one Taco Bell, even if barely: On VFW Parkway in West Roxbury, just up from the Dedham line (it shares space with Boston's only Long John Silver's).

By - 10/12/18 - 9:56 am

Transit Police report arresting Jeffrey Phillips, 31, for indecent assault and battery for an incident on a Downtown Crossing escalator Wednesday afternoon.

Read more.

By - 10/10/18 - 3:56 pm
Window damage

As Glenn Whidden discovered this morning, whoever tried smashing his way in didn't succeed, but did leave behind evidence in the form of the pipe he used and his blood from where he cut himself on the window. The store was closed at lunchtime.

By - 10/4/18 - 2:07 pm

Boston Police report officers patrolling Winter Street in Downtown Crossing because of a recent outbreak of violence and drug dealing arrested seven men refusing to stop crowding the entry of a Winter Street shop last night. Read more.