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Argument on bus ends in stabbing at Dudley station, police say


Transit Police report arresting Terrell Brewster, 27, on charges he ended an argument with a teen on the 28 bus as it approached Dudley station by taking out a knife and stabbing the teen after they got off the bus, around 3:40 p.m. on Wednesday.

The teen was taken away in serious condition but is expected to survive, police say. Brewster was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Innocent, etc.



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They forgot to mention the poor kid got stabbed stating the kid suffered serious injuries after being assaulted. By the way the MBTA has announced that Dudley station will be renamed Nubian station.

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Wasn't there also a never-solved stabbing death on a 28 bus many years ago, before all the buses were equipped with surveillance cameras?

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It's unfortunate, but a reality, that at least some T riders carry knives on them and are ready to use them should a conflict arise.

People have been stabbed for less, even when the surveillance cameras are rolling. With the MBTA's grand plans for AFC 2.0, which includes all-door boarding and thus necessitates the use of civilian fare inspectors, what will happen when they confront such passengers, not knowing that the passenger has a knife?

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Riders are gonna stab the person checking their fare? This doesn't happen at concerts, movie theaters or any other ticketed event. Okay maybe it has happened 5 times in the history of tickets.

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T personnel aren't armed now, so what's the difference whether it's a "civilian" or not shouldn't really matter. (BTW, I think existing non-Police T employees are really civilians too.)

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Bus drivers are the only ones checking fares - everyone pays at the farebox up front, and some (but not all) drivers deny boarding if you can't pay. Drivers also have a protective barrier between them and the passenger. If an issue arises, the driver can stop the bus and call T Police for help, while theoretically staying safe behind the barrier.

This changes in the future, where people board through all 2 (or 3, in the case of SL/28/39) doors of the bus, so there's no guarantee that they paid. A T employee is supposed to roam around the bus to make sure that people paid for their trip. If a passenger becomes violent, there's no protection for the "civilian" employee, and it would be too late by the time T police could show up.

I definitely believe that fare inspectors shouldn't be armed (for obvious reasons), but again, in light of this incident (and many other similar ones), it would be difficult if not impossible to ensure their safety otherwise. It would be interesting to see the MBTA's approach to this (or maybe their complete ignorance of this serious issue)...

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The anon anti-GLX troll has refocused their obsession.

How many "new fare collection" posts today alone?

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I thought it was called Nubian Station now

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