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Domino's driver robbed at gunpoint in Jamaica Plain by three young teens

Boston Police are looking for three young teens, possibly only 12 or 13, who pointed two guns at a Domino's driver at Arklow and Walden Street and took both money and food around 10 p.m. on Wednesday.

Another Domino's driver was robbed Tuesday night in Charlestown.


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Pretty sad story. Delivery drivers don’t get paid enough to go to/near those projects.

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I thought most delivery vehicles (eg. grocery, UPS, pizza) say on the side that "our drivers don't carry cash" or "drivers carry less than $20 in cash"?

If this is the policy, are the drivers carrying more cash than they're allowed, thus making them ripe targets? Or were the perps so ignorant and stupid (or maybe desperate) as to commit such a serious crime (ie. gunpoint) for such low-hanging fruit?

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This makes me so sad. Of course I want the delivery drivers to be safe. The ages of these kids though, so young.

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but, when one stops to think about it, the age of 13 is not really so young in the city, however.

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