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Shots fired on Centre Street in Dorchester

At least three shots fired, shortly before 10:45 p.m. on Centre Street near Samoset Street.

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My windows were open but I don't know if I heard this or not. I did hear loud explosions around that time. But as anyone who lives in the area knows, it's been non stop fireworks every night (and sometimes day). Last night the loudest ones seemed to be coming from around Shawmut Station.
Any reports about who was shot and whether there was an arrest?

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I didn't hear it... but they were shooting fireworks off in Wainwright park all night .

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Hey Adam, what's your source for this information?

I heard some unusually loud booms around that time last night, but there were some serious fireworks going on all night.

There's a shotspotter very near that location (on top of the Epiphany School) but it isn't always accurate - I had a bike tire explode once outside my house (a block away) and fewer than 10 minutes later there were 3 cops wandering around looking for casings. The pinpoint location was impressive, and they had a recording of the explosion that they played back for me), but obviously it's not 100% accurate.

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Near St Peters Church on Bowdoin in Dorchester Fireworks ALL NIGHT. It is 11:30 pm. This has been going on every night lately. Ridiculous!!

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