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Police: Man robbed of phone at fake gunpoint on Seaport Boulevard; pings lead officers to suspects a mile away

Boston Police report arresting a Dorchester man and a Roxbury teen on charges they held up a man with what turned out to be a replica Glock early this morning outside the Yotel, 65 Seaport Blvd.

Police say officers pinged the phone and tracked the pair, who putttered away on a scooter, to the Dunkin' Donuts on Causeway Street, a little more than a mile away, where they found a guy matching the description of one of the highwaymen sitting on a scooter.

Officers approached the male, and conducted a pat frisk of him and the backpack he was wearing. During the pat frisk, the officer felt what he believed to be the butt end of a firearm in outer pocket of the backpack. Upon further investigation, the officer discovered a black colored replica Glock 19.

As officers were securing the above individual, a second male, also fitting the description given by the victim, began to exit Dunkin Donuts. Upon seeing the officers, he hesitated and stood in the vestibule for a few moments, shaking his head back and forth. The male exited and started to walk away from the officers. Officers stopped this male, and conducted a pat frisk of him, which revealed a black pocket knife and a black Samsung Galaxy Note8 cellphone.

Police say, of course, the Note8 matched the description of the victim's phone:

A call back to the stolen cell phone revealed the Samsung Galaxy Note8 that was in the suspects possession belonged to the victim.

Angel Manuel Carbuccia, 20, of Dorchester, was charged with armed robbery, armed robbery while masked and assault with a dangerous weapon, police say. The 17-year-old, too young to have his name release, was charged with being delinquent for armed robbery and possession of burglarious tools, police say.

Innocent, etc.



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Not your usual stupid reactive junkies.

They need some redirection - smart, clear-headed guys like this will become dangerous if their energies are not aimed at some better occupations.

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After committing a robbery, a donut and a Iced Macchiato on a hot day is very cooool! Is it armed robbery if the gun is a replica?

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It's not just whether the item in question is real, but whether the victim thought it was real at the time.

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Quite a slippery slope if crime is treated differently if felons purposely use replica weapons to get lighter sentences if caught. Armed robbery is a felony in Mass and this should be treated as such. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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Criminals run on Dunkin’!

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What are "burglarious tools" in this context? I'm imagining a crowbar and grappling hook....

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"No, officer, actually that isn't a gun in my pocket, I'm just happy to see you."

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Is it really worth risking a criminal record to steal a cell phone?!

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I remember when cell phone theft (I-Phones in particular) was hot in Dorchester a decade ago, but it's not something we hear much about anymore. I assume that nowadays, most people lock their with a a pin # or some other method.

Are cell phones still worth stealing? I am asking for a friend :)

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I'm sure someone, somewhere in the depths or Russian or Chinese market can reprogram the IMEI, but from what I know you just put your phone on the 'stolen' blacklist and a cellphone provider, at least in this country, will not activate it for anyone.

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iPhones are extremely popular.

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