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Man shot to death in Charlestown

Victim identified as Jawad Muhammed, 33, of Mattapan.

Boston Police report a man was shot inside 6 Mystic Pl. in Charlestown around 3:20 a.m. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Boston murders in 2021.


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That's a very fancy address.

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Single family. I would not call it fancy for Charlestown, nor do I think there’s a place for thinly veiled classism in response to a post announcing someone’s death.

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Good to know you can get a residential exemption and rent out your place on airbnb for parties during a pandemic.

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If it's over a million, it seems like the word fits. I am sorry that someone was murdered there.

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Believed to be an AirBNB rental used for a birthday party

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Per 311, the property belongs to a hockey player who is overseas, and has been renting the place this year. Lots of noise complaints submitted to the city hours before last nights shooting snd in the past months. Also a lot of trash complaints after parties. Sounds like the renters have been a major nuisance.

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I thought that there was a city ordinance prohibiting whole-house rentals?

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We can tell that you are exactly as your handle advertises.

Medford St. is one of my favorite routes through Charlestown to avoid heavier traffic and narrower roads and that area is not a bad area at all.

Not that anyone has ever bothered me biking through the southern part of Medford St.

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This board oughta be called the Boston Tea Party

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