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Multi-vehicle gun battle leaves Wales Street in Dorchester littered with bullets

Boston Police are looking for up to four SUVs or vans that came rolling down Wales Street between Blue Hill Avenue and Harvard Street, the occupants of each firing guns, apparently at each other, shortly after 9:10 p.m.

At least initially, police did not find any victims, although one building was hit.

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There’s been a rumor going around in Dorchester and Mattapan that if the shootings increase, rent will drop. With this gentrification, rent is threw the roof and the city nor the state is willing to help anyone. I’m not saying I agree with it but it does make sense.

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You're kidding right?,

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So, was Delois Brown complicit in or an acceptable casualty of this conspiracy?

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But it’s been an unfortunate consistent pattern of the nice weather bringing more crime. And not just Boston, all over the country. Add in a pandemic and social unrest... and there you have it

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That's been a pattern for ages, but I believe the pandemic and unusually intense social unrest that has taken place lately have intensified already existing bad situations and added tons of fuel to the fire, if one gets the drift.

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The asphalt is getting warmer and making people more shooty.

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Acting Mayor Janey, City Council, plan of action please.

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This is what comes from acting mayors and acting police commissioners.

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Because we never, ever had gunfire or shootings when we have a permanent mayor and police commissioner. I'm surprised you're the only person to figure that out.

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Some people talk to just talk Adam!

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"Hey, let's go shoot at that guy and take his stuff!"

"Better not - there's a newly elected mayor. If there's one thing we've learned on the streets, its the importance of recognizing and respecting city officials but only if they've been fully confirmed to the role."

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