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Four arrested after string of armed robberies downtown

Suspect being taken for booking

Suspect under arrest. Photo by Live Boston.

Boston Police report officers added to downtown patrols after recent armed robberies in the State Street area came across a dozen people loitering in front of "No Trespassing" signs in the plaza at Milk and India streets around 3:20 a.m. and arrested two on gun charges, one on drug charges and a fourth on an outstanding larceny warrant.

While on scene, officers arrested Sixianaliz Guzman, 22, of Roxbury, after recovering a loaded .22 caliber Rohm RG10 revolver and a Glock 19 handgun which was missing its trigger assembly from inside a backpack the suspect was carrying. Officers also arrested Filsdyn Modan, 25, of Someville, following the recovery of a loaded .22 caliber Ruger MKII handgun from inside his backpack. Officers then arrested Kadir Tirmizey, 26, of Saugus on drug related charges after recovering a large plastic bag of marijuana, a smaller plastic bag of cocaine, a digital scale and $479.00 in U.S. Currency from a bag he had been carrying. Officers arrested a fourth individual, identified as Shanna Nyelle, 21, of Boston, after discovering she was wanted on an outstanding arrest warrant sought out of Woburn District Court on a charge of Larceny Over $1200.

Guzman and Filsdyn Modan were charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, carrying a loaded firearm and trespassing, police say. Tirmizey was charged with possession of Class B and D drugs with intent to distribute.

The remaining eight people were charged with trespassing and released, police say.

Innocent, etc.


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I thought the social justice warriors had this all figured out. We defund the police and an army of social workers takes over. So when are the social workers headed to Downtown Crossing? Are their phone numbers available so we can contact them in an emergency?

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Have you ever had a complex or nuanced thought in your life?

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With a $400,000,000 budget I’m sure you really don’t believe they were defunded. It’s just another made up crying point you the Repubs.

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since there’s been no defunding you realize you’re criticizing the existing system, right?

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Actually the Boston police was defunded 17 million last year and they are trying to take a lot more this year. Get your story straight

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what parts of the defund agenda have taken effect? i’ll wait.

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so that the cops wouldve ignored their crimes.

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I believe this is one of the minor offenses that the District Attorney announced she would not prosecute. I also see that none of these people of color were charged with robbing anyone. Sound like a case of round up the usual suspects.

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What the DA said was that she would not prosecute trespassing cases where that was the only charge. So maybe the eight people only charged with that will get their cases dropped, but not the other four.

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So have these people actually been connected to the recent muggings around Fanueil Hall. The title gives that impression, but further reading doesn't give any evidence of this.

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We'll have to wait to see what they're charged with at their arraignment - the charges can change between arrest time and court appearances.

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