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Police say Hyde Park woman helped beat, kidnap and rob Dorchester man she'd been friends with; she's under arrest, two others at large

Boston Police report arresting a Hyde Park woman they say was part of a trio that knocked an acquaintance of hers in the head, then forced him to drive them to his Dorchester apartment, which they ransacked in search of valuables.

Police say Jada Scott, 20, and the two men were in the victim's car when they beat him and forced him to drive to his apartment on Kingsdale Street around midnight.

The suspects struck the victim in the head, stole his wallet and forced him to drive to his residence where they entered and began to burglarize the home. The victim was able to flee to a neighbor’s home and called 911.

Police report that when they arrived at Scott's home on Ellis Street in Hyde Park shortly after 12:15 a.m., there she was. She was arrested on charges of kidnapping and armed robbery, police say.

Innocent, etc.

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Another one who slipped through the cracks. Youth need to look around them and know they don't want to end up living in a tent fighting over having $7 to their name to get high and have some drug dealer be the only person you live for. The bad circle you're with right now don't give a shit about you.

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Police are looking into a drug angle?

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So this bright lightbulb decided to rob someone who could easily name & identify her and after it was all done, she decided to go home?! How's everyone's "Stupid Criminal" bingo card looking?

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Did you know her by any chance? Because I think I might’ve unsure though

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