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Police hunt woman they say sliced open a Brighton cab driver's forehead with a butcher knife

Live Boston reports that around 5:30 this morning, a cab driver walked into the D-14 police station in Brighton with a freshly opened forehead, which she said she got minutes before when he arrived at 28 Jette Way in the Fidelis Way development to pick up a woman, who got in bearing a hammer and a buthcer knife and then used the sharper implement to try to carve open her head. The suspect then ran away. The driver is expected to recover.


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I hope she at least tipped well for the inconvenience.

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Here's hoping that the cab driver called the police on her right away! That woman deserves to be arrested, tried for and charged with assault in a court of law, and to serve a longtime jail sentence. Let's hope that happens.

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The driver and the attacker were both female. There's a few "he"s in the story above that probably need fixing.

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