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Two stabbed in Newmarket Square

Lots of cruisers in Newmarket Square

BPD responded in force to the train station. Photo by Night Ridah.

Gavin Schoch reports one man was found stabbed on Topeka Street while another was found stabbed by police following a blood trail to the Newmarket commuter-rail station, around 9:30 a.m.


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Cue whatshisname's tired screed about crappy crime-ridden Fairmount Line stations in 5, 4, 3....

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And avoid the Fairmount line whenever possible for a few reasons.

It’s slow, usually dirty and the crime. Only positive is that it runs every 45 min.

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"another was found stabbed by police" kind of reads a different way than perhaps intended.

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"another was found stabbed by police" - do they know which officers did the stabbing?

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Is where we will leave the children to fend for themselves after the Roslindale location for Roxbury Prep was denied.

Shame on us Boston.

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The victim ran into the station for safety knowing the station is well patrolled.

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One has to question the link between crime and climate change. If even just from the mental state of mind of the suspects. How do we know there isn't a link? I'm curious about how climate change affects the person individually, mentally and physically. Of course I'm afraid for society as whole on the Brinkman disaster. But I wish there were studies that break it down even further.

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