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Kid learns train conductors can ask his shorty where she's heading

Transit Police report arresting a 17-year-old they say refused to accept a conductor on a train about to pull out of South Station was only asking his girlfriend where she was heading, not that he was trying to put moves on her.

Police say that around 11:10 p.m. on Saturday, a conductor on a Franklin Line train about to leave South Station asked a young woman her destination to make sure she was on the right train.

After he did so a male juvenile armed with a knife at his side stated to the victim, " Why you talking to my shorty ". The victim attempted to explain he was trying to help but the juvenile male shouted over him while displaying his knife and advanced closer to the victim. Victim believed he was in imminent danger of being assaulted. The victim broke away and exited the train and called police.

Police report angry guy with knife was still on the train when officers arrived. "You can't arrest me, I'm only 17!" police said he told the officers. However, he quickly realized he was wrong when they arrested him on a charge of assault by means of a dangerous weapon and placed him in a cruiser for a ride down to Transit PD headquarters on Southampton Street for booking.


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Whether shorty accompanied him down to booking at Transit PD headquarters.


Where do some people get off?


at the police station.


"How far do you go?"


How does a 17-year old get to that level of toxicity?

Seriously, what age did Bladey McDip(expletive) think the conductor was? I wouldn't guess that the guy was a day under 30. On what planet would an MBTA conductor be propositioning someone young-looking enough to be dating a 17-year old? You think that guy would risk throwing away his pension over that?


This is the sort of guy who gets into fights with mirrors when he sees some guy looking at him the wrong way.


On what planet would an MBTA conductor be propositioning someone young-looking enough to be dating a 17-year old?

You'd be surprised (but few women would be). What makes you think they'd have any reason to fear losing their pension over a verbal proposition with no touching involved? Granted, most wouldn't be dumb enough to do it in front of a boyfriend.


I've seen conductors chat up regular customers between stops once all the fares have been checked, but its a bit far fetched that the conductor would say anything more than "where to".

I'm betting the conductor acknowledging that GF was a separate human being - in need of a ticket or pass - was what tiny rooster used as an excuse.

He needs to go back to some backward shithole c.a. 150 years ago.


They're not that busy at 11:10 pm, when it's just a handful of passengers on the train.

I agree that we should not assume anything about the intention of this or any other conductor. However, I do not want to say that it is okay to brandish a knife at someone if you think they are doing something you do not like (that is not causing fear of imminent death or great bodily harm).

I am not saying that you are saying this, but I don't want everyone to think that it is okay to behave like this person, even if they think a conductor was "hitting on" the girlfriend/boyfriend. That could lead to lots of bad things, sort of the slippery slope argument.


@David Cronin - I did not mean to imply that this conductor might have been hitting on the troglodyte's girl friend! And I certainly wouldn't condone that jerk's response under any circumstances.

My comment was only meant as a response to the assumption that no guy over 30 would ever hit on a boarding passenger or that they would have any fear of consequences.


Received and understood!


Seventeen year old boys can be an especially insecure bunch, while also somewhat by definition having less life experience than other people would.


Possibly a red flag


More red flags than a Soviet military parade of yore.


Story doesn’t add up. Why would someone get that enraged and pull a weapon just being asked what stop they’re getting off? Doesn’t smell right. Assuming they’ve ridden the commuter many times why this time ? I don’t think we’re getting f the whole story


A post in another thread inspires me with the revelation that Colin Robinson, in his energy-vampire afterlife, has taken to haunting the Internet as an AI robot that constructs "something doesn't smell right" posts about randomly selected subjects. Just draining energy everywhere, gradually increasing the general tedium. Energy vampires truly are the worst kind of vampires.


Current or future pimp...


Why would someone get that enraged and pull a weapon just being asked what stop they’re getting off?.

It's called "irrational behavior", and it is a thing that happens.

Have you never seen people behave irrationally before? Have you never seen people behave irrationally in ways that harm or threaten others? Then you've led a charmed life indeed.


He was being territorial because the conductor dared talk to the female who belonged to him.


If you ever needed a portrait of "toxic masculinity", this would be an example (on the more extreme end).