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Barefoot man in ski mask was running down a Dorchester street with a loaded gun 45 minutes after three were shot there, police say

Boston Police report arresting a Dorchester man they say ran with a gun loaded with 12 rounds after gang-unit officers arrived on Dakota Street on a report of a large fight - just 45 minutes after three were shot at a party on the street.

Police say the officers spotted Corey Robinson, 19, of Dorchester running down Dakota towards Greenbrier Street around 12:30 a.m. on Sunday, barefoot, but clad in a ski mask:

Officers apprehended Robinson and after further investigation, recovered a loaded Taurus G3 9x19 firearm with one round in the chamber and eleven rounds in the magazine. The firearm had been reported stolen out of North Charleston, South Carolina.

During the arrest the crowd became loud, hostile and attempted to surround officers. Officers were able to calm the crowd and safely place Robinson under arrest.

Robinson was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, possession of a large-capacity firearm, carrying a loaded firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition and receiving stolen property, police say.

Innocent, etc.

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Finally: a solution to my warm-feet, cold-face problem...

On broken glass or something. Next time dude, skip the mask so we can see your handsome face and wear shoes instead.

I've been going barefoot around the city for years, so here's the scoop:

- Glass mostly lies flat and the giant chunks that don't are very visible. The main risk is actually from tiny glass splinters, which I've gotten maybe 4 times and been able to pick out within a minute or two. They've been no worse than wood splinters, which I get in my hands all the time. (I don't wear gloves all the time either.)
- When you walk barefoot, you're more likely to watch where you step. I've never stepped in dog shit in the city barefoot, but I have while wearing shoes.
- The biggest injuries I've gotten from barefooting are when I stubbed my toes -- or calf issues from DOMS when barefoot running too enthusiastically.
- My feet don't smell bad anymore and I've stopped getting athlete's foot, since they're no longer stuck in the warm, moist shoes that fungus and bacteria love.
- There are definitely times and places I would not go barefoot, such as unlit sidewalks at night (can't see what I'm stepping on) or in needle-strewn parks. (I also wouldn't walk barefoot in tropical regions where there's a risk of picking up dangerous worms from feces. That's not an issue in this climate, where we have proper winters and have good sanitation anyhow.)

Run a street 5k at night wearing a ski mask and then send us photos ;)

No thank you!

(Also lol no, not at night.)

I have gone hiking (in daylight!) barefoot, including on some super rocky terrain like Franconia . It's actually quite lovely, and I think my footing is more solid than with boots. What actually hurts is *gravel*. I can tolerate it for about 30 minutes and then it starts to be pretty painful.

I think I ran an unofficial street 5k about 8 years ago. It felt great. And then my calves were on fire for a week, because I hadn't been out running for months and my legs weren't ready for it. :-( DOMS sucks.

Were you the guy we saw years ago, while we were descending from the peak at Mt. Washington headed towards Lake of the Clouds? There was a guy screaming up towards the summit barefoot. Our whole group was amazed.

I haven't been to Mt. Washington yet. I'd like to at some point.

It could have been Hobbit (one guess as to how he got that nickname) but there are a bunch of people who like hiking barefoot, so I wouldn't bet on it.

Run Forest run.