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Announcing another blogger in Lynn

Lynn has another blogger. Some of these blogs have been mentioned right here on Universal Hub, helping to put Lynn back on the map as a place to be. (Um. Yes. Lynn was once hopping mad with activity that wasn't all sin.) Downtown, in particular, is on the rise and full of potential, even in this current real estate market.


This poster invites all Lynners, wannabe Lynners and potential visitors to take a look, visit Lynn, and contribute comments.

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Lynn was in the Globe recently for a proposal to roll back bar closing hours from 2 am to 1 am. Somerville has recently been going in the opposite direction, adding a limited number of 2 am licenses. Which city is making the right choice here?

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Let's put aside for the moment, the fact that it's merely an hour difference and that the T is closed, either way.

When bars are near residences, there are complaints. At closing time, whichever time that may be, patrons are all pushed out onto the street at once. They're not tired yet. They want to finish their conversations, albeit loudly. This problem would occur if bars closed at 10pm. Clearly, based on this issue alone, bars should remain open later than 2am. People will leave when they're ready to, and at more of at trickle than a stampede. I'd rather keep the ruckus inside the ruckus rooms.

When cities with 1am closings are near ones with 2am closings, people make the dumb decision to drive across the border for another round. If we're going to fix this by making closing time uniform, I'd rather it be 2am.

Lynn's unfortunate choice to opt for 1am is hurting some good businesses that are not contributing to the problems they're trying to solve. It's hurting bartenders, waiters, and may hurt Lynn's revival. A cities downtown should remain vibrant in order to be safe and successful. But, if I had plans to open a restaurant or lounge, I'd steer clear of places with early closing times.

I know that Lynn has had awful experiences with very rough dive bars. Those will not go away magically by switching from 2 to 1, but may fade into memory if downtown completely revives.

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