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Downtown Lynn

By mediaseth - 5/31/08 - 11:44 am

I'm not a big action movie fan, but it's cool when scenes for a film are shot just a few buildings down from where you live. Here's the article from the Lynn Item and a link to some photos I took as they were getting ready the night before.


Earlier in the week I thought this was going to be a real store. I wish we were getting more shops. Maybe the film buzz and the crowds coming down will help? Lynn isn't as bad as its reputation. Except for a few neighborhoods, most of it is quite nice.

By mediaseth - 11/18/07 - 5:14 pm

Lynn has another blogger. Some of these blogs have been mentioned right here on Universal Hub, helping to put Lynn back on the map as a place to be. (Um. Yes. Lynn was once hopping mad with activity that wasn't all sin.) Downtown, in particular, is on the rise and full of potential, even in this current real estate market.


This poster invites all Lynners, wannabe Lynners and potential visitors to take a look, visit Lynn, and contribute comments.

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