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Boston Baby Dolls

Boston baby dolls

I’m trying to decide if this is feminism in action, or young woman looking for attention. Looking to punish, or annoy the parents, who must have forced twelve years of tap and ballet on their daughters, then business management in college. While I am pleased to see woman be proud of their less than Hollywood perfect bodies, I was not as comfortable with the obligatory walk through the crowd ‘passing the hat’ for tips. Or the behavior of some members of the audience, and I do not mean the birthday boys in the corner, or the bachelor party at the bar.

Perhaps it was the patron next to me who really caused me to freak due to his behavior. Really, Mr. State Rep, I was glad to see you patronizing a business in your district, but did you really have to toss that much money in the hat. Or request personal attention from the dancers. And as politician you can’t be a very good reader of body language, as you made the ladies, who agreed to pose a little uncomfortable. Not to mention the lady with the pen and paper sitting next to you, writing all this down. You had to notice me, the B cup in the red shirt, who was so unsure it was my own elected representative I had to stop you and introduce myself. I almost could not stay for the show, and I was glad to have been carrying a shawl to cover my bare shoulders with. You will not be getting my vote next time, not after this.

The ladies of the Babydolls, do have talents, and more balls than most. Yes a cliché but a valid one in this case. To get on stage and to dance, or at least sway in time to the music prior to doffing gloves, vests and dresses takes courage. To do so when the attention of the small gathering is divided between watching the Red Sox lose, or straining to hear the sounds of the band in the next room must be tough. How does one decide to step on the stage, to bare your self, and I do mean bare. Better yet, could someone tell me how you get those pasties to swing quite the way.

They are all so young, do they think they are being feminists, or being objectified, do they even notice. How did each of them become a Babydoll, I wonder. Wonder, but leave the question unasked, as other than walking through the crowd asking for tips, the dancers do not mingle with the small audience in attendance. Instead, they quickly head out the door after the show ends, leaving only master of ceremonies Scratch behind.

Burlesque itself is ‘returning’ to the stage, mostly in places where there is a strong nightlife. Boston is not one of those cities, we have a night life, but more of a live music scene, not a strong performance scene. The Babydolls could be the spark that brings performance back to this city, but to do so, they need more performers, maybe a magician or a stage performer interspersed with the semi strippers. The first act, the hula hoop dancer was a step in the right direction; the two contortionists amazing. The jokes, left something to be desired, but then they were suppose to be that bad.


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