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Proposed Alternative to Current GLX

I've done up a multi-page web site on an alternative to the proposed Green Line extension into Somerville and Medford. I'd like to get some feedback, and/or otherwise promote it. The alternative isn't dissing the use of the Green Line, merely making better use of it than the GLX will do. The current price tag for the GLX is a mind boggling, highly exorbitant expenditure for a short extension of a light rail tram in an already owned rail corridor.

There are no words to describe the size of the ripoff that is the GLX. For $10 billion the Swiss bore TWO tunnels, each 30' wide and 35 miles long, yes, 35 MILES, through the mountains, TWO of em. The price tag actually includes another 24 miles of connecting and support tunnels. The tunnels are sized for HIGH SPEED trains to be traveling at well over 160 miles an hour (which is the minimum in the EU for high speed rail).

Boston will pay contractors $1 billion to lay down regular old fashioned railroad tracks (same stuff used since railroads were invented) for 4 miles on flat terrain with not an obstacle in sight, for trams to travel on at 35 mph, with 7 stops to pick up and drop off people. And your elected officials don't even flinch at the price tag, not if they can get it from Uncle Sam. Contractors could double the amount tomorrow and they would get it, I mean geesh, they already have double and tripled and quadrupled it.

My alternative at least proposes getting something for all of OUR money. It seems in the U.S., the politically attractive projects are the ones which propose to spend the most money.

Check out http://GreenLineRevisited.blogspot.com. Not intended to be a blog, just a convenient place to present it.



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