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I believe I have discovered the latest exercise craze.

It's fun, you can work with or without a partner, and only a small amount of money is needed for apparatus. Most importantly, it will draw all those television addicted two year olds outside where they can get exercise.

Does a two year old screaming in glee, and clapping her hands count as exercise for her? Or just for the adult who should have known better, providing the entertainment.

The back story...

I had a small party yesterday, 30 people. two people under the age of 5. I, knowing nothing about children except that if you purchase them fudge, don't be there when their Mother sees them. - I also hear that until about the age of 3 they leak, but I have no experience in this phenomena. I purchased some large balls they could throw, some bubble stuff they could make bubbles with, or dump on the floor. Option two being the most popular with the two year old. I also bought some blow up punching bags.

Once inflated I showed each child how to 'punch' the 'bag' the four year old found the concept boring, preferring to play with the bubble stuff. The two year old was fascinated with the concept. Not in punching the bag, watching ME punch the bag. Once, twice, while talking to someone else, on my way to the restroom. I would feel a little hand on my leg, and hear a giggled 'bunch - bunch - bunch'. So I would take back the balloon with its elastic handle and bop it back and forth while she jumped up and down and squealed with glee. Until my arm started to hurt, my bladder began to protest, or some thing else at the party distracted her.

The sum total of my exercise yesterday was lifting a glass (elbow) carrying food trays (hands) and "bunching" a punching ball. This morning, my arm muscles feel as if I spent all day yesterday lifting weights. My shoulder flexors, are all flexed out.

I still have one of the punching balloons, can I borrow any one's two year old. It's not as aerobic when only the dog is watching.

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