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By EmulsionMike - 11/10/10 - 11:29 am

OK, Hilary Swank and Jeremy Renner weren't bad, but most actors who try their hand at the Boston accent stink. Can non-native passersby do a better job? I made this video to find out.

By rsiasoco - 1/9/09 - 9:46 am

Though Mass folks might be content with our laws regarding gay marriage, the leftover dischord among supporters and opponents in California Prop 8 has reached the courts.

By Ivana Moore-Enmoore - 1/6/07 - 3:56 pm

Three plucky Billionaires for Bush went to Governor Patrick's Inauguration to see for themselves whether or not they will be favored in the new administration.

It turned ugly.

But at least they garnered some press coverage before they were forced to flee to their limos!

For details and photos, kindly perambulate to the Boston Billionaires' Blog at http://bostonb4b.blo...

By fibrowitch - 9/10/06 - 11:24 am

It's fun, you can work with or without a partner, and only a small amount of money is needed for apparatus. Most importantly, it will draw all those television addicted two year olds outside where they can get exercise.

Does a two year old screaming in glee, and clapping her hands count as exercise for her? Or just for the adult who should have known better, providing the entertainment.

The back story...

I had a small party yesterday, 30 people. two people under the age of 5. I, knowing nothing about children except that if you purchase them fudge, don't be there when their Mother sees them. - I also hear that until about the age of 3 they leak, but I have no experience in this phenomena. I purchased some large balls they could throw, some bubble stuff they could make bubbles with, or dump on the floor. Option two being the most popular with the two year old. I also bought some blow up punching bags.

By eeka - 6/20/05 - 1:39 pm

From an ad for a job at a large hospital network that has two similar hospitals in Westwood and Pembroke and has a small child/adolescent unit in Lowell:

"Salary will be commiserate with experience."

I used to work there; the salary and the experience DEFINITELY commiserate with one another.

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