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Always argue with Fast Lane

Earlier this year I went through a Fast Lane toll gate to fast for the Fast Lane to pick up my id, but not so fast that they did not take a picture of my car and license plate.

When I received the letter telling me I had been charged 20 dollars for not being picked up on fast lane, my first reaction was to call fast lane, and get all 'Masshole' on them. The person I was talking to suggested it would be easier for me to send in a fax, than to discuss it with him.

What a genius! True genius. Because I sent in a fax, explaining how I did NOT know my car had not been read, and that I would like to pay for the missed toll.

So I hope your sitting down, kind reader. Because...

My toll was forgiven, forgiven! I don't have to pay it. Sweet.

So keep this in mind, if you have an argument with the Massachusetts Turnpike Fast Lane program, send a fax* and request a 'Post Mark Settlement' because you will win.

* Fax number is 508-786-5211



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I got hit with TWO citations because my week-old car was not yet registered with EZPASS. Not to mention that the Fast Lane worked at every toll except the two it said I 'violated'. (I rarely use toll roads, save for visitng the family in NY, hence the EZPASS).

Long story short, if you bug them enough and at least make an appoitnment for a hearing, it shows them that you're serious about fighting their silly charges and they tend to drop them.  

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I would have been happy to pay the dollar it cost me to get on in Allston, and get off at the airport. But not the 20 dollars they wanted.

I will happly settle for the no dollars. Wonder how often I can pull this off?

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