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What's going on with Newburyport/Rockport lines?

The trains have been late, delayed or outright cancelled for the past week and a half...this morning coming from Salem was ridiculous! And, why is that the GPS on most trains suddenly goes dark when the trains are late, delayed or cancelled? Is Keolis playing games with their 'on time' performance metrics?

But fear not, the latest fare increase doesn't hit until July....aaargh



I was on today’s Noob-buryport/Rockfart commute too. Delays from earlier in the schedule, two current delays reported with no reasoning given, and what little gps info was being shared showed four different trains were running on significant delays, but only two of which labeled with offical delay notices. A train passes through Swampscott at capacity with another train supposedly “five minutes behind” them. But then the marquee lights up with “next train to Boston in 28 minutes”

Keolis’s lack of transparency is apalling. As a commuter I need honest reporting of circumstances, not a company fudging the truth in an attempt to save face. At least give those who rely on the train the chance to weigh all their options/plan their apology emails/reschedule their appointments/call out of work ahead of time.

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Peg, this has been happening for years on many lines....not just the last week and a half. If that's all you have dealt with you should be thankful!

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Oh, I know that as a looong tine commuter, it just seems particularly bad in the past couple of weeks!

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The "next train is coming in x minutes" signs and announcements on the subway lines have been all over the place for a week or so now. So it may be a problem with the larger system.

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