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By adamg - 9/7/18 - 11:10 am

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled today that Massachusetts companies cannot enforce Massachusetts non-compete contract clauses on employees in states that bar non-compete agreements, such as California. Read more.

By adamg - 6/27/18 - 9:08 am
National Grid workers protest lockout in Dorchester

Michael Keogh shows us the scene outside the National Grid tank off Victory Road around 8 a.m. NBC Boston reports so many showed up they blocked traffic on a nearby Expressway off ramp.

By adamg - 6/25/18 - 10:17 pm

MassLive.com reports on today's lockout.

By adamg - 6/17/18 - 11:06 pm

The Boston Business Journal reports Mayor Walsh had something to do with the health center's decision to rescind layoffs announced Thursday, although it was not clear exactly what.

By adamg - 6/15/18 - 11:22 am
Protesters at Whittier Street Health Center in Roxbury

Workers who were terminated mid-day yesterday at the Whittier Street Health Center yesterday rallied with SEIU members, residents and a number of elected officials outside the Tremont Street facility this morning. Read more.

By adamg - 3/29/18 - 11:00 am
Window washers

Cat Metscher, who lives on one of the higher floors of Avalon North Station, spotted a pair of window washers outside her window this morning (what, you were expecting another turkey?).

By Anonymous - 3/20/18 - 2:33 am
By Anonymous - 3/20/18 - 2:33 am
By adamg - 1/30/18 - 3:16 pm

A federal judge in Boston today sided with the little guy in a battle with a national corporation, at least as far as deciding where he and his lawyer can argue his class-action case. Read more.

By adamg - 12/20/17 - 5:31 pm

The Dig takes us inside the warehouse of a company that sells home-security devices, where the walls are festooned with white-supremacist posters and Trump stuff.

By adamg - 11/18/17 - 8:37 pm
Small-fry construction worker

Roving UHub photographer Mike Williams spotted this construction crew downtown today.

By adamg - 10/28/17 - 10:04 am

The Globe reports workers had been complaining about bug bites for months.

By adamg - 10/5/17 - 9:08 am

Both Marty Walsh and Tito Jackson pulled out of a debate planned for Channel 4 tonight because of a contract tiff between the station and union members over pay for longtime workers, the Globe reports. The union, an IBEW local, had planned a picket line.

By adamg - 9/4/17 - 1:02 pm

WFXT reports on the picket line that started this morning on Tremont Street downtown.

By adamg - 8/23/17 - 9:09 am

MassBudget is out with a report that finds 50.2% of the Massachusetts workforce has at least a bachelor's degree, compared to 35% nationally.

By adamg - 7/16/17 - 3:03 pm

WCVB gets the statement from State Police about an incident at the Logan Hilton early this morning at which Tufts Medical Center claims locked-out nurses and supporters threw coffee at a bus taking replacement nurses to the hospital: State Police say nothing was thrown and the protesters quickly and willingly dispersed when troopers told them to because they didn't have a permit.

By adamg - 7/11/17 - 1:05 pm

Associated Press reports the company is leasing space in a Fort Point building.

By adamg - 5/16/17 - 12:46 pm

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled today that Boston may have to resume paying worker's comp to Brian Benoit, who suffered an incapacitating ankle injury while transporting a patient in 2011, a little more than a year before he was indicted for stealing painkillers and sedatives from vials in the backs of Boston EMS ambulances. Read more.

By adamg - 2/21/17 - 8:06 am

Xconomy reports Boston (and New York) saw its weakest quarterly increase in tech jobs in five years in the last quarter of 2016.

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