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By OriginallyFromDotParker - 3/16/19 - 9:37 pm

Long-time DigBoston contributor Barry Thompson's series of interviews for an oral history about DigBoston (formerly Boston's Weekly Dig) in DigBoston: Read more.

By presspass - 8/30/09 - 3:47 pm

In the wake of the potential closing of the Bay State Banner Press Pass TV talks to Boston community members and media makers about the vital role that Ethnic and community media plays in creating a healthy community.

By david_yamada - 1/2/09 - 6:55 pm

As Boston's two major dailies head towards a seeming financial death spiral, it's time once again to ask whether they should be charging for access to online content.

When the computer age dawned, a "hacker ethic" emerged, holding that information should be free and accessible to all. (Steven Levy's fascinating book, Hackers, is especially recommended.) That ethic has permeated the Web, which in less than a decade has become an incredible free library of human knowledge and a great source of informed and diverse commentary.

By stevegarfield - 6/3/08 - 7:03 pm

Watch the video of Carol Garfield reporting from Dane Street.

Pictures too....

By emily sweeney - 9/29/06 - 2:45 pm

I met up with bodybuilder John McClay and shot some video while he worked out at Gold's Gym in Braintree. John will be competing in the USA National Wheelchair Bodybuilding Championship this weekend.

My story came out yesterday....but the article and video is still online, if you want to check it out.

By emily sweeney - 9/18/06 - 9:48 pm

I spent the weekend chasing gubernatorial candidates with my camcorder.....produced three video clips....and then I posted them on a video blog that's linked to the Globe's politics page.

I asked the candidates about their favorite music...and I asked Chris Gabrieli about the first concert he attended.....(it turns out his first show was Elvis Costello at the Orpheum in 1978).

There are three clips so far - one each for Reilly, Gabrieli, and Patrick - and they run about five minutes long. It's worth a look!

- Emily Sweeney

By John Guilfoil - 9/8/06 - 1:35 pm

AS SEEN ON PRrag.com!"

Money is the driving power in media. Fox is driven by money but their drive is more visible because they stand alone on the right side of the spectrum. This article is less about the documentary, Outfoxed, than a commentary about modern media and politics.

Bear with me as I've written a ton of soft features lately. Here's something to wake up the politicos.

Somewhere, towards the end perhaps, this will be relevant to public relations.

Outfoxed, a 2004 documentary by Robert Greenwald, tries to show the dangers of corporate control over the media by citing commonly right-of-center news source, Fox. Greenwald and a group of volunteers monitored Fox News Channel 24 hours per day for several months looking for “conservative bias” in its news reporting. The resulting film shows that Fox is indeed a conservative-leaning media outlet and corporately controlled

By emily sweeney - 5/25/06 - 12:59 pm

lately I've been trying to produce videos to accompany the articles I write for the Globe.
so far Boston.com has posted three of my self-produced videos in the past couple o' weeks. I'm hoping to do more...when you get a chance, pls check 'em out, I'd love to hear what ya think:

1.) this is my latest one, about prom season (and the
dangers of drinking and driving.....scroll down the story to get to the video link)


2.) this one ran a couple weeks ago....kinda like my personal

By emily sweeney - 1/14/06 - 3:15 pm

I recently wrote about Fernald, a mental institution in Waltham, Mass.
The articles were published this week....

I also made a mini-documentary about the place. I shot and edited video footage, scanned in some old photos of the institution, and used a MindFIELD song for the soundtrack. You can view it on my video blog: http://dotrat.blogspot.com/

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