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Monadnock Street

By adamg - 3/24/22 - 12:58 pm

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled today that police who pull over a vehicle and let the driver drive off can't then pull the vehicle over again, even on a good hunch, unless they saw the driver or passengers doing something illegal while pulling away. Read more.

By adamg - 9/29/18 - 4:13 pm

Boston Police report the arrest of a convicted drug dealer and another man on drug and gun charges by officers executing a search warrant on Monadnock Road in Dorchester yesterday morning. Read more.

By adamg - 9/20/16 - 9:55 pm

Around 9:50 p.m. at Dudley and Monadnock streets.

By adamg - 7/12/16 - 7:22 am

In the face, around 11 p.m. on Monday, Scan Boston reports.

By adamg - 5/7/14 - 10:09 pm

Stanley Staco reports that shortly after 9:15 p.m., the occupants of two cars exchanged gunfire outside 36 Monadnock St. Fortunately for all concerned, they had terrible aim and no people were hit.

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