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Getting salty in Chelsea

Salt ship unloading in Chelsea

Matt Frank watched a salt ship unload in Chelsea Creek last night in preparation for the winter to come.



Between the salt water and the salt cargo, you'd think the ship would disintegrate mid voyage.

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Salt corrodes steelwork, therefore for breakbulk shipments all steel structures in the holds are given two coats of whitewash. Cracks in ceilings and planking must be effectively stopped up. Salt is not to be loaded together with cargoes emitting/attracting moisture. During the voyage, salt may loose 5% in weight by evaporation. A bulk liner bag is fitted inside the container and the cargo can be either blown into a zip up bag or brought in by bob cat shovel to an enveloping liner bag. In both cases a door bulkhead must be created and this can be done either by bars fitted into the doorway recess or by bagging a portion of the cargo to hold the liner in position across the doorway.


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