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Our own haunted condo building?

Aline Kaplan introduces us to the architecture and possibly haunted history of the Charlesgate, a hotel turned dorm turned rooming house turned dorm again turned condos at Beacon Street and Charlesgate on the edge of the Back Bay.

The glowing spirits of horses that died in a flood have been seen on the ground floor where a stable was supposedly located. The building’s original plans show no stable on the premises, although you can have night-mares without real horses.




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Lived there for a year when it was an Emerson dorm. We heard all the ghost stories at the time. And the rumors of a rum-running tunnel in the basement used by the mob [who according to the linked article may not have even been present?]. One funny thing is that none of the elevators but one tiny closet were active, the others all being boarded up. But its most notable accomplishment was getting noise complaints called in to the cops from other dorms and even frat houses. Also funny was the half dozen or so old women who lived there as hold outs from when it was a residential hotel, living among all the boisterous students.

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The holdovers from the residential hotel always freaked me out at the weirdest moments there- would always see one when I went to use the vending machines on the 1st floor after inhaling some appetite enhancement medicine up on the 6th floor

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