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Brush fire erupts in Hyde Park

Hyde Park brush fire

The Boston Fire Department reports a brush fire in the woods off Ruskin Road and Farrar Avenue brought firefighters and lots of hose shortly before 4 p.m.

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What took ya so long?

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This fire was no accident - no, this fire started with a match. (h/t Michelle Shocked)

This time of year, the woods and not-so-woods are full of lots of tinder-dry easily burnable material. It's possible this fire was caused by Those Darn Kids lighting fires in the woods, but a burning butt thrown from a moving car will do the job just as well, and there are so many of those. Smokers, dispose of your butts responsibly. That means use the ashtray in your car: it's your trash, you're responsible for it. DO NOT treat the world as your ashtray.

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