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Citizen complaint of the day: OK, who's too cheap to buy a Craigslist ad to sell a condo in East Boston?

Condo 4 Sale on Marginal Street

A disgusted citizen files a 311 complaint about this "illegal graffiti" at 290 Marginal St. in East Boston.

Somebody spray painted street

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Because if so, yes, make the listing agency pay for removal pronto.

Seems more likely to be chalk, in which case ehh. A little rude but get the heck over it. Fetch a couple buckets of water and they'll soon get the idea.

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Good observation about it being made of chalk instead of paint. Regardless of the medium, it is well done. Maybe the owner had a bad experience on CL?

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Guy was using some sort of spray can. It it was chalk-type substance, it did not wash off in last night's rain.

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East Boston needs a good bath.

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Really? Like you even need an ad to sell real estate in Eastie these days.
Is this stuff toxic?

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