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Five-story residential building would replace auto-body shop, lot on Border Street in East Boston

Architect's rendering of 425 Border St.

Architect's rendering.

A cancer researcher turned real-estate investor has filed plans with the BPDA for a 16-unit residential building at 425 Border St., at the corner of Falcon Street.

Through his PhD Homes, LLC, of Brookline, Doug Medvetz is proposing a building in which each unit would have two bedrooms. The building would have 16 parking spaces in a garage accessed via Falcon Street.

425 Border St. small-project review application (6.7M PDF).

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Boring, cookie cutter design for more deserving location.

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better than an auto repair shop and parking lot though

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No less boring than a triple decker, but it houses a lot more people.

You can be an internet commenter turned real estate developer and show us all how it is done!

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Across the street.


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The Soviet era was not a good one for architecture.

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It looks better than pretty much everything else within a block. The development across Border St. (and on the water for crying out loud) looks like some of the absolute worst of the 60s or 70s.

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Anything new will look good for the first five years. Then what.

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Why the developer care since he lives in Brookline and not East Boston? It's ok to build cheap if you don't have to live there!!!

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Pretty far walk to Airport or Maverick T stations
Wouldn’t you think??

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