It is such a shame: Red Line train turns up lame

Red Line crowd

Jam and cram on the Red Line. Photo by Eamonn McHugh-Roohr.

The MBTA reports delays of up to 20 minutes on the Red Line due to a deceased train at South Station. Riders report it's more like 40.

The train behind it was to try to push the lame train. Kevin reports:

Unloading the train in front of us in south station which we are pushing. Then taking our train out of service and unloading at south station. The platform is going to be a nightmare and potentially unsafe .

Slydon reports:

Have been at DTX since 8:30. My daughter finally left fifteen minutes ago to walk the 2 1/2 stops to work. Every damn day it’s something.

At 9:46 a.m., Mary Hurley wrote:

One hour and 19 minutes on an @mbta Red Line train. A new record.



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Keep in mind that Teflon Charlie is not responsible

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Charlie has been governor for 4 years now. But he is in no way shape or form responsible for the problems on the T. It's all Beverly Scott's fault.
Shame on all you sheep that voted for him.


If Patrick had ordered the

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If Patrick had ordered the new trains during his first year in office, and not at the very end of his 8th, maybe things would be better now.

Park st too

Park Street was total chaos when the train we were on announced it was turning into a northbound train; ie giving up and going back to Cambridge. Between the people waiting on the platform already, the people getting off the train to wait and the people trying to exit the station it was almost impossible to move. I was amazed at how calm people stayed in the face of total ridiculousness.

Red Line Delays

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1 1/2 train ride to dtx when it should of only taken me 20 mins. MBTA stopping reporting inaccurate time and be honest with your customers.

The MBTA's response

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What do you want for $2.25 tears. Most of you don't pay anyway so quit whining.

New indicator signs

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Today was yet another example of where the electronic signs with arrival times turned out to be more frustrating than they're worth.

Indicating the train is "2 Stops Away" is completely useless. Tell us 35+ minutes (or better yet an exact time sans plus sign) and then we can plan as necessary and clear off the platform, or else stew in the abjection of our commuter misery with an end in sight...

I was on the train that had

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I was on the train that had to be pushed: we were stopped underground between Broadway & South Station for 45 minutes. It was crammed, hot, and hard to hear the sparse announcements which seemed to come on in the brief moments a blower also did. People removed coats carefully in the limited space. When we finally got to South Station the doors wouldn't open so a T employee had to squeeze through to pop open a seat that doubles as the cover for the emergency door opening mechanism. Once off the train car we, and the crammed six car train behind us, along with the passengers waiting to board, were told to exit the (crowded) platform/exit the station. The train behind us (the one pushing us?) had a medical emergency so Boston EMS had to get on and assist. It was a mess, poorly handled by the T, and I'm surprised people stayed as calm as they did.

I got to the South Station

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I got to the South Station platform just after your train died with 1 car in the station. I think people were calm because they've come to expect things like this. I just found myself a space in the crowd, set my bag down, and made myself comfortable. Most seemed resigned to their fate. A handful left. One guy asked the attendant if he was better off getting an Uber, and not in an angry way, but matter-of-factly as if he was used to it and wanted to confirm what he already knew. We weren't getting information beyond a disabled train was causing a 10 minute delay, which was a total joke.

When we were told to leave the platform, people seemed almost happy to do so. Many of us had been standing there more than 30 minutes already. I'm sure some people who had been on the train couldn't flee up the stairs fast enough. Free at last! Free at last! We are free at last!

Do not forget the 200 waiting for S on the L.

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It must have been 20 minutes at least before a Silver bus arrived following the Red line snafu. Then last week the Orange line hangs out at Forest Hills during rush hour instead of actually moving.

There is a massive disconnect between how well Boston is doing with jobs, the desire of people wanting to live in the city and a publice transportation system that is a disaster. One that is hard to believe will actually improve even with new trains.

Non sense

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I work for mbta. And I'm sick of people complaining. Its not every day red line like this.

Time for ballot question?

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One that would strip all politicians of their parking privileges and mileage beyond getting to an MBTA Commuter Rail parking lot? Just give them all a T pass.

Including the Governor and Lt. Governor?

Just lining this thing up for the ballot would be a nice warning shot. If they want to drive, no allowance beyond the nearest station, and they pay the same $30 a day for parking that everyone else does.