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New Green Line trolley spotted in the wild, well, the E Line

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Do the new trains not have the STOP sign written on the doors anymore? I know the current ones don't do much to prevent cars from blowing past but it's something. Is there anything to let drivers know passengers are getting off the train?

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i don't believe that the new doors open via a bifold mechanism, so i don't think there would be anything for that stop sign to be affixed to that could be seen by cars in other lanes. the new trains have doors that slide open instead.

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The doors on the new trolleys are not folding doors, they slide open - similar to how the heavy rail cars do - so putting a stop sign on it would obviously be worthless.

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Well I hope that works better than it did with the old LRV trolleys.

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Just like the doors on the Boeing LRVs. Hopefully these doors have far fewer moving parts than in those cars.

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Donna captured a new, very honky Green Line trolley on the E Line tonight.

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Interesting that it is on test runs without the truck skirts. Those are supposed to help keep snow away from the traction motors. I wonder if the skirts have been getting caught on debris enough for the maintenance guys to give up on them?

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