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Nor'easter arrives in Chelsea a day before the storm

Nor'easter in Chelsea Creek

Roving UHub photographer Michael Campbell watched the Nor'easter roll up Chelsea Creek today.

The ship, built in South Korea, owned by a Dutch company, and registered in the Marshall Islands, is an oil and chemicals tanker. It was originally scheduled to arrive last night.

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and garrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr they raised the damn bridge again, grrrr garrrrr grrrr. Now it will be up for 5 hours.

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I like how if you move to another state, you're supposed to re-register your car within 30 days, but you can keep your ship registered with an island nation where you've never been and have no intention of ever going.

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It works that way.

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.... **looks around** ....


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I am constantly impressed with how the tug boats maneuver these ships around. When they are delivering LNG to the site on the Mystic River, the tug boats basically reverse park the ship under the Tobin bridge. It was something to watch!

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