School Committee votes to shut two West Roxbury high schools

WBUR reports on last night's 5-1 School Committee vote, in which members said the West Roxbury Education Complex is falling apart and there was just no place else in the system to put the West Roxbury Academy and Urban Science Academy. Parents were outraged.



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In the words of Gordon Ramsay
By Will LaTulippe on Thu, 06/23/2016 - 12:21pm
SHUT IT DOWN! What's the point? Close every school and fire every teacher on Friday. Take the summer to rebuild the whole thing. Hell, take a year if you have to. A year off from school would be better for these kids than the absolute garbage education they get now in this city.

Wonder how this will effect

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Wonder how this will effect the MBTA access out there. Hope they don't cut down all the 36 routes.


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It's in such poor physical condition. Not just a matter of maintenance; poor contruction, design, substandard materials. Typical of public facilities built in the 70s 80s. The design and construction of the south red line extension to Quincy, which opened in 1972, is horrifing. One tiny exit in and out of the stations.Falling apart even though it' s only 50 years old. Huge Quincy Center garage bui.t over the station had to be torn down. How didthis shit design ever pass fire safety standards?

So the building has been

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So the building has been deteriorating because of deferred maintenance, and now they voted to close it down, and defer maintenance even longer?

Also don't understand how if there are two high schools with dwindling enrollment, why they don't consolidate into one high school.

People of West Roxbury

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Can you name one member of the Boston School Committee? Asking for a friend who thinks it should be an elected Committee.

A Disgrace

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The school committee is nothing but a rubber stamp for the mayor and Bolling building. Boston is the only city in MA without a democratically elected school committee. Somehow that’s okay with folks.

The Mayor, Int. Sup. Perille, and senior officials in BPS all deserve blame for inflicting this trauma on students. Studies show that students whose school is shut down are aversely affected emotionally and academically, yet here we are. Many community members offered suggestions for places to move the students together, as a community. The answer we received time and again: "It's too expensive."

My question still remains, if Boston Latin School's building was suddenly deemed unfit, would BPS break up BLS and disperse those students and teachers across the district? I think we all know the answer to that question.

I hope the BPD really enjoys their new academy site with shiny new athletic fields!


World Class

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World class mayor world-class education world-class city