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Striving for Accuracy in the Details of a New Novel

The main characters in this new novel are members of an Italian family in Boston, c. 1950s, that includes several plasterers. Many scenes occur in the home of one of the extended familes and on the job. I can easily script the plastering and construction aspects with accuracy (thanks to my own family history and no, I'm not Italian but do have a Sicilian s.i.l..) It's the details about the city and neighborhoods where I have to do loads of research and that's actually how I found this wonderful site. As I noted elsewhere, I used to live in New Hampshire and have been lost in Boston several times. Hey, I know where Mike's bakery is. Yum.



Hi Noni, I grew up in Boston in the 40's and 50's .I have some interesting info about inner city life back then. Are you a writer ? have you written any novels or books. ? Are you living in boston now ?

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Sorry, I just saw your post, so here are some answers: Yes, I'm a writer, a mostly unknown novelist. I recently put up all of them on Amazon, have done no marketing to date, and did second editions of two that were previously published. I would not renew my contracts with that publisher because I came to dislike their marketing methods which seemed aimed at selling their own books to the authors.

I'm on my eighth novel (eleven in reality but my son and I adapted one unpublished manuscript into a trilogy of film scripts), and it's the one set in Boston in the 50s.
No, I never lived in Boston; however, I did live in NH for 8 years, had friends from Boston and environs. Lived 1 year in Weirs Beach/Gilford and 7 in Lancaster, when I traded the tourist trap for the mountains. Lots of trips to Boston, and through Boston as I often traveled from the Great Lakes to NH and back.
Are you willing to have your brain picked a little? I've wondered how many inner-city neighborhoods had residences, you know little (or big) Italian homes with the traditional backyard gardens. I've placed my families all within a four-mile radius in the North End. Is this reasonably possible? Thanks x 10

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