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Two charged with selling heroin where addicts congregate

Boston Police report arresting two men on charges of possession of heroin with intent to distribute yesterday at Massachusetts Avenue and Albany Street in the South End.

One of the two, Jhonny Gonzalez, 33, already had multiple warrants out for charges that include trafficking more than 200 grams of Class A drugs and trafficking cocaine, police say. Gonzalez, then living in Lynn, was arrested on those charges in Lynn in December.

Gonzalez and Josue Cotto, 39, both listed as Boston residents, were arrested around 12:15 p.m. by citywide drug-control officers. Gonzalez was charged with possession of Class A drugs with intent to distribute, distribution of Class A drugs and conspiracy to violate drug laws, police say. Cotto was charged with distribution of Class A drugs and conspiracy to violate drug laws, police say.

Innocent, etc.


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Good job BPD!

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Is like shooting fish in a barrel.

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All drug defendants should delay trial until after January as they will get a nolle prosequi (no prosecution) if Democrat Racheal Rollins is elected as Suffolk D.A.

Distribution of drugs will not be prosecuted according to her website. Any decent lawyer (even public defender) will ask for a continuance or "new date" until after her swearing-in ceremony. BPD may as well abolish the Drug Unit.

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Distribution of drugs will be prosecuted. Upon a supervisor's approval, possession with intent to distribute will also be prosecuted. These are grown men who have criminal records, convictions, warrants etc. If the police did their job correctly, they will go to prison.

I wonder how many times we spent 50-60K a year to enroll them in the Suffolk County House of Corrections to have nothing corrected?

Maybe if we tried an "early intervention" when they first entered the system or showed up on the police's radar, they might have been reformed by now?

The truth is just as not every suburban heroin addict will be able to recover from their "disease" or "disorder", not every inner-city youth will be reformed of their "criminal state of mind"- but saving some is better than the status quo. No suburban parents want to see their children suffer from addiction and believe it or not, no inner-city parents want to see their children become criminals.

Rachel Rollins ideas are not unique- https://theintercept.com/2018/03/20/larry-krasner-philadelphia-da/

Bad Behavior Won't Stop with Punishment - https://youtu.be/inv89j3VYVc

How we're priming some kids for college - and others for prison - https://www.ted.com/talks/alice_goffman_college_or_prison_two_destinies_...

You have much to learn.

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" Trespassing
Shoplifting (including offenses that are essentially shoplifting but charged as larceny)
Larceny under $250
Disorderly conduct
Disturbing the peace
Receiving stolen property
Minor driving offenses, including operating with a suspend or revoked license
Breaking and entering — where it is into a vacant property or where it is for the purpose of sleeping or seeking refuge from the cold and there is no actual damage to property
Wanton or malicious destruction of property
Threats – excluding domestic violence
Minor in possession of alcohol
Drug possession
Drug possession with intent to distribute
A stand alone resisting arrest charge, i.e. cases where a person is charged with resisting arrest and that is the only charge
A resisting arrest charge combined with only charges that all fall under the list of charges to decline to prosecute, e.g. resisting arrest charge combined only with a trespassing charge

Instead of prosecuting, these cases should be (1) outright dismissed prior to arraignment or (2) where appropriate, diverted and treated as a civil infraction for which community service is satisfactory, restitution is satisfactory or engagement with appropriate community-based no-cost programming, job training or schooling is satisfactory. In the exceptional circumstances where prosecution of one of these charges is warranted, the line DA must first seek permission from his or her supervisor. If necessary, arraignment will be continued to allow for consultation with supervisor. Thus, there will be an avenue for prosecuting these misdemeanors when necessary but it will be appropriately overseen by experienced prosecutors.
Note: this is essentially already happening for drug possession cases in Roxbury and Dorchester District Court."

Emphasis mine. An ounce is about 28 grams. Over 200 grams is a lot of whatever he had. She writes 'in the exceptional circumstances...'. So tell me 'Common Sense'...what constitutes 'exceptional circumstances'? I understand diversion programs and I'm happy to see someone try to run them, but, "Jhonny Gonzalez, 32" is no teenager that can be reached. Jhonny is a 32 year old man that has multiple charges listed against him. Will he be charged? If not, then society will lose this one and the dealers will have won.

And it's game over on methadone mile. Please, don't lecture us on 'you have much to learn'.
'Drug possession with intent to distribute' should not be on that list.

" If the police did their job correctly, they will go to prison. "
You are really living in your own little world, aren't you? How many times have I seen commenters here, on both sides of the aisle, shaking their collective heads at the antics of our local judiciary?

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Maybe I am off base here but it kind of irks me that this area and along Southampton street, as everyone knows, suffers from open drug use and drinking but police report these arrests with a title of "Keeping Boston Safe" as if they are making progress. Obviously this issue is very complex but to sing praises while officers drive by slumped over addicts and public drinking daily strikes a nerve with me.

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It may irk you, but this may be, at this moment, the best outcome.

Rather they're somewhere seen than hidden.

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These men are just 2 bit criminals who probably are addicts themselves with no real permanent residence. Go after the ones who are the main suppliers of the drugs. If you kill the roots, then the tree will die.

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