Almost too much to bear: No trains to Lechmere

The MBTA is running shuttles between Lechmere and North Station due to a trolley that had some sudden issues getting power down from the wires. Here are some T workers doing some emergency repairs to the trolley as it sits on the viaduct.


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Lechmere and bear?

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I've heard out-of-towners call it letch-meer (rhymes with fetch) but lech-mare? Really?

How about "Time to grab another beer …"


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Has anyone noticed that on the local nightly news instead of high speed car chases we get a daily dose of the latest T fiasco with pissed off passengers doing the walk of shame as they are being evacuated. The only political leader in this state who dares discuss the disaster known as the T is Michelle Wu who should run for Mayor or Governor. She clearly cares about her city and the residents who need better public transportation.


Headline change

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I would change "bear" to "hear".

I've always pronounced Lechmere as "leech-mere", which is the way the name of the defunct retail chain of the same name was pronounced.

Yep ...

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Or maybe I should've figured out how to use "beer" in the headline instead.