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Boston getting a new art museum

The MassArt Art Museum has a February, 2020 opening date:

A place to imagine the unimagined. Boston's newest museum featuring visionary artists at the forefront of contemporary art.

Twitter feed? Of course.

Via Nicky Enriquez.

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It's not just ugly, it's useless. Like, what's the address?

It looks like this is more a rebranding of MassArt's existing Bakalar and Paine galleries to accompany the remodel currently going on, so it would be 621 Huntington Ave.

More art and art opportunities is always a good thing in my book, but they're spinning this a little harder than necessary, since it doesn't sound like they're really expanding the footprint of their existing space. The highlights adding a freight elevator for installation, which is great, but if that's the lede, tells me there's not really much of a difference to the general public.

Their facebook page lists 621 Huntington Ave


Excited for a new museum, but can we do something about the name? The Museum of Redundancy Museum?

this name (and its redundancy) is entirely created around it's branding...MAAM.

Why? Because it's both a palindrome and an acronym. If I've learned anything about modern branding and corporate lingo, acronyms are "oh so cool", (especially when you have to state the long-form equivalent to those who don't know).

Oddly, the same would apply to just "MAM", but I'm bet there's some internal conspiracy as to why that's "unacceptable".

The Mass art art museum sounds real real interesting. I wonder wonder if they have have parking parking and will not add to to the traffic traffic problem. But, of course,no one considers considers those issues issues.

You can say that again.

Or the TrolleyTrolley. You'll be all set.

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The gallery isn't open yet and won't open until February.

Their website for their main space in North Adams is pretty normal so you can stop worrying.

I thought they were two separate organizations.

Regardless, putting the address of where you're opening your gallery on your website seems like a pretty good idea, even if it's not open yet.


I read the headline wrong. Sorry.

A place to imagine the unimagined. Boston's newest museum featuring visionary artists at the forefront of contemporary art.

After all, how has Boston survived this long without some sort of institution for contemporary art?

Not that it's a bad thing for MassArt to have (or upgrade) its own space.