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Bus riders' commute goes down the drain; now they're just stuck standing in the rain

Corey Dinopoulos was among the growing horde trying to get on a 7 bus at South Station this evening:

Our system is failing us daily. 6pm on a Tues; dozens of people wait in the rain as two full 7 buses pass them by. This doesn’t include dozens of people waiting at Melcher St and the BCEC outbound stops.



are all the variances allowing overdevelopment and dense development without any regard on how all these people are going to get from their overpriced luxury condos in Southie to work downtown.
The same hypocrites who want to jam a bunch of residential units at the L Street power-plant are the same ones who bitch about waiting for the bus in the cold.
You can’t have it both ways.

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but leave their vehicles parked on the street, without moving them, until street sweeping starts again in the spring. Take your car to work.

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Somebody thinks that his calendar says 1950.

If everyone drove to work you would be very very very sorry. Why do you think that we have the problems we do with traffic? More people are driving to work!

And some of us can't pay $25 a day for parking so you get the happy feelings, either.

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Better to have too much housing and suffer sometimes in your commute than too little housing.

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One can advocate for denser development and also ask that public transit grow in its capacity to keep pace with development.

I mean, that's how it's always been done. What recent development have I missed that makes this time-tested approach now impossible and hypocritical?

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The T also historically has not wanted to add service unless there is obvious demand. Demand is good!

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Who's going to pay for more transportation service? The developer? Or do you propose hiking bus fares up to $20/ride?

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Have the people considered walking closer to the inception of the route in the Financial District? They’d be guaranteed a spot then. Kind of like what I do on the #9 bus. I walk from Arlington to Copley Sq so they’ll have room for me.

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The solution for this might be to start some of the PM rush #7 buses at South Station instead of in the financial district.

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There doesn't appear to be an easy way to turn around (to face the right way) or layover (to depart evenly).

Suppose you could do Summer Street inbound, left surface artery, left Essex, layover, left Atlantic, right Summer for South Station.

Unfortunately, all those roads are jammed during the PM Rush. If travel time savings don't materialize then it's going to be a difficult sell with limited impact

Regardless, I can see it's value if a functional turnaround could be arranged! :)

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seems pretty straightforward to me. The intersection is large enough that even bendy buses should be able to make the turn.

(The #72 bus makes a U-turn at the end of Aberdeen Avenue, where it meets Mount Auburn Street, so there's a precedent for this.)

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The Koch brothers are getting their moneys worth in their support of Baker and right wing Pioneer Institute. They see public transit as a threat to their fossil fuel empire, and the general republicant view of public transit as an evil communist plot.


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At least they can walk home, if need be.

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For some reason it feels like the people running the T are doing it for the first time every day. None of these problems are new and none of them are ever fixed.

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