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Candidates to replace Zakim square off in forum

The Boston Sun reports on a recent forum with Kenzie Bok and Jennifer Nassour, who are running for the District 8 (Beacon Hill, Back Bay, Fenway, Mission Hill) seat that Josh Zakim is retiring from.


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Can anyone explain the differences between these candidates? Seems like they’re aligned on most of the things in the article. Besides party alliances and dispensaries, what are we looking at here? Genuinely don’t know who to vote for because I can’t really differentiate them.

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From reading their websites, honestly, I worry that Nassour doesn't have a grasp on what a City Councilor (or even The City as a municipality) can or can't accomplish while Bok is more pragmatic and detailed.



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I also don’t know what a city councilor can and can’t do, so I guess I’m really trying to find concrete differences in policy. Obviously (1) we have an opioid crisis (2) an affordable housing crisis and (3) want increased safety for pedestrians and cyclists, but I really can’t tell where they diverge as candidates. I guess it comes down to who is more qualified? (Though I have no idea what qualifies someone for this position)

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