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Citizen complaint of the day: Ceaseless whistling sound in the Back Bay

An annoyed citizen filed a 311 report this morning about a "horrific fan" noise reverberating through the Back Bay, possibly from a busted roof fan at a particular building on St. Botolph Street.

Another annoyed citizen posted some audio last nigh of what sounded like "a massive tea kettle going off:"

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Or went to too many hardcore shows in my youth...
Because I can't hear a thing in the twitter video even with my speakers well up.

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I had to turn my sound all the way up. But also, when the video comes on, did you check to see if its sound was Xed out? Maybe it's me, but it seems like by default Twitter video keeps the sound off even after I turn on my laptop's sound.

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It sounds kinda like my CPAP machine when there's an air leak in the hose. Does that building on St. Botolph have sleep apnea, by any chance?

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Arggggh - yes - they make all kinds of death rattles as they prepare to meet their maker's maker. Also, we had one nearby that used to kick into some kind of overdrive/test/self cleaning mode about once a month at 3 am on a Saturday. Would do that for about 30-45 minutes and we never knew where it was coming from. I think one of my neighbors eventually figured it out and put a stop to it as we haven't heard it for a few years.

Part of the problem is rooftop fans belong on rooftops. many are put on setbacks, carports and other lower elevations and the noise tends to emanate upward more than downward so if you live higher than the fan you really get an earful.

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Unconfirmed sources report to Magoo that several vertically challenged human-like beings with long hairy beards were spotted in the area working. Magoo.

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