Citizen complaint of the day: He gets a pain every time he looks up at one Fenway intersection

Old Symphony 8 sign

An aggrieved citizen files a 311 complaint about the sign advertising a restaurant below it that recently re-opened after being shut for years, only with a new name:

This sign for a long closed retiring is a blight on the area - it can't be legal to just leave it there? Please initiate removal



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Oh, true

Something just rubs me the wrong way about "blight on the area"...and the pettyness of calling 311 for this.

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How long has the Scotch n

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How long has the Scotch n Sirloin sign been up after it closed down? That must be a record!

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Attention to detail

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On one hand this person has a point. It's a temporary banner which the landlord should've removed long ago, not an affixed sign that would require a petition and review process via BPDA. This is nothing more than a free sign they got from the beer distributor to probably put up there in conjunction with one of Boston's high holy drinking days.

On the other hand, I'm hoping there's a painted sign for Tiger Lily underneath and that will motivate Mr. Bacon to do some additional work on his long-term project on Westland.

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Real complaint:

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Stella Artois is a pretty gross beer. Can't they advertise something more suitable for my palate?

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I wonder how this person

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I wonder how this person feels about the Scotch 'n Sirloin sign.

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c’mon folks

this is a legitimate complaint

the place is been out of business for years

just take down the damn sign

its ugly

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Why stop there?

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Shall we consider the atrocity that we call "City Hall" in this town?


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The only thing in Boston

grayer, uglier, and more damaging to Boston's image than the City Hall building is Albert "Dapper" O'Neil's balls.

(I actually like the Brutalist City Hall building but I like insulting Crapper O'Neil even more.)

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Doesn’t bother me

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But at first I thought it was on top of the pole, which did bother me.

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