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Developer denied permission to build two houses on small West Roxbury lots

The Zoning Board of Appeal today rejected a developer's proposal to build two houses on Marlin Road at Corey Street on what would have been lots far smaller than the 6,000-square feet required by area zoning.

Elected city officials joined numerous nearby residents in opposing James Chrisopher's proposal, saying it was too dense for the neighborhood and would set a bad precedent that would allow further such development in the area, near Mt. Benedict Cemetery. One resident said he was also concerned about the ledge blasting he said would be required. One resident did speak in favor.

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That site is a mile from single-track commuter rail. Bus service is super scant. There's no reliable transportation there -- it's one car per adult territory. It's also nowhere near a proper highway.

I'm not arguing against -- but adding housing without adding transit is adding cars on congested local roads. That's hardly ideal.

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convert the commuter rail to orange line, rework the bus lines to use rozzie square, west rox, etc, as transit hubs instead of everything spoking from forest hills

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