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Developer shows off the apartments he wants to build behind the apartments he built on VFW Parkway in West Roxbury

Architect's rendering of West Roxbury apartments

Developer Peter Davos of West Roxbury has filed detailed plans for the 70 apartments and 18 condos he wants to build along Gardner Street, behind the Oak Row Apartments he recently finished on VFW Parkway next to the Home Depot.

The apartments, all with either one or two bedrooms, would be in a four-story building; the condos, all with three bedrooms, would be in two rows of townhouses across Gardner Street. Davos has proposed a total of 106 parking spaces. Each condo would have its own garage.

Davos hopes to begin 18 months of construction in the middle of 2020.

The BPDA holds a public meeting on the proposal at 7:30 p.m. on June 24 at Al Wadi on VFW Parkway.

178, 189-197 Gardner St. project-notification form (190M PDF).

Gardner Street project
Gardner Street project: map
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Build it. Let's go.

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Excellent. The project he did close to it is coming out very nicely. I believe there is a shuttle for residents to and from the commuter rail here, that should be extended to residents of these new units and homes as well.

And as an aside, a community meeting at Al Wadi sounds delicious. Great food.

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Still too much parking but what are you going to do. How many bicycle racks? Can they put an Uber pickup area inside their parking facilities so their residents don't have to block the lane when they're getting a car? More houses, ok.

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