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Dorchester resident pays RMV for one car title, gets back five

RMV title

Welcome to Dot reports his partner is not Five Car Flaherty, so was mystified to receive five car titles - four belonging to random other people.

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sounds like a drinking game involving cards

A friend of mine recently had this exact same thing happen to him.

I guess it's a recurring thing with the RMV!

Classic driver en-title-ment

I've been waiting 6 or so weeks for a title and license plates. I'm guessing now that someone else has them. this ought to be fun straightening out with the RMV.

You don't get the car but you still need to pay taxes on the title.


for racing in the street. But the RMV keeps stress levels low for the new generation of low-risk outlaws; it's much more relaxing to race for someone else's title.