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Downtown medical marijuana shop seeking permission to sell the recreational pot it once vowed it wouldn't

NorthEndWaterfront.com reports on a meeting between residents and Patriot Care on the company's proposal to seek city and state permission to add recreational marijuana to the medical marijuana it currently sells at the city's first pot emporium, at 21 Milk St.

Residents of some of the area's tonier addresses expressed concern about downtown becoming a destination for "cannabis-related tourism."

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Residents of some of the area's tonier addresses expressed concern about downtown becoming a destination for "cannabis-related tourism."

Gosh for bid we have that!

Rather than be worried about one shop.. why not complain about the slow ass process to get these shops open. If we had several rec stores in the immediate metro area (besides just NETA), maybe these stores wouldn't be a 'destination' so much. In short, it would make the crowds disperse

But no, we're worried about crowds because the state can't seem to figure out how to move this along faster.


When, at long last, are citizens going to stop seeking and expecting help from government?


As someone who works in that area, I don't see how "cannabis-related tourism" will be any different than all the other annoying tourists I see on a daily basis. Are the hoity-toity people afraid they'll all be wearing tie-dye and listening to the Grateful Dead? Actually it might be a refreshing change of pace from the current crop of clueless tourists.


Tourists bring in money. Travel at all? You're probably just as clueless wherever you go.

And you get a chance, go check out who's actually lined up to get into these places.

You've got rich guys in suits all the way down to little old ladies.

And besides, if they are allowed to open at this location, there'd be police details during all business hours, discouraging the usual ne'er do wells and probably keeping the area even safer than it is now.

Lastly, if you live in downtown Boston and consider "cannabis based tourism" a problem, then it's probably time to move.


Yup. Police details would be required pretty much, and most of the traffic would be foot traffic.

I was under the impression Patriot Care was going to move (based on a previous article here), but the article states its to add to its current location. meh. Not 100% sure how this will work.

(I'm a card holder so I go to this location already and am aware how its setup inside.)

ColumbiaCare does run a tight shop and it's exactly how its described in the article above. I don't see any issues other than what they plan on doing about the line that will be there. (and it's right around the corner from that new Shake Shack)

But yes the people that go to dispensaries that I have seen are a wide variety of people. Old people.. soccer moms... business people in suits...young people. All walks of life. I will say the medical-only places,, the clientele is a bit more refined (as you need to apply for a card), while what I've seen at NETA's retail line waiting is more a very wide variety (and often more young people).

I still remember going to NETA on a tuesday at 11am a few years ago before they were retail also. It was entirely Soccer Moms and Retirees. I laff'd. But it really does attract all walks of life.

The one in Brookline draws a much different crowd -- majority men, of all ages, sometimes wearing pajama bottoms instead of pants and almost always sporting beer guts. Never once saw soccer mom types.

do you realize police receive ZERO training on how to perform a "police detail", and more often than not are just sitting in their car doing NOTHING. I'd rather have POT tourists downtown than the current hoard of crystal zombies! if you get a chance, check out the BPD Boat "Due Process" idling at Lovejoy Wharf working a "detail"... their tied up to the pier doing absolutely nothing.

MOST police details.

People living in the area are worried about cannabis-based tourism while in the exact same area there are currently multitudes of hardcore junkies staggering around, sleeping on the sidewalk, panhandling, and generally harassing passersby.

.... of pot and tobacco smoke on Washington St and the Common. Another smoke shop is not what one of the most densely populated areas of the city needs.

But, why do I have this sneaking suspicion you live nowhere near the city.

So if smell is your sole reason, can we get rid of all the liquor stores too

I'm tired of riding the T at 7am and smelling some wine-o who smells like stale beer and urine.

I'll take weed smell over urine and stale beer any day.


.... harm you the way secondhand smoke does.
I’d be happy to see all three done away with.
But burning materials are a far greater risk to public heath.
Not to mention fire hazards.

I always hear people complain that it "smells like weed everywhere" and that is such a false statement.

I walk thru the common, the garden, downtown and yes, you can smell it on occasion but it is far from Cheech and Chong level. I smell cigarettes 100x more than I do cannabis. And at least with weed there aren't a million butts left everywhere b/c stoners smoke that nub til it's gone!

Not because of "cannabis-related tourism." They out and out lied when they were going for the medicinal license, so they were a bad corporate neighbor from the get go.

I'm sure some other concern can do the job. Listen to them instead.


Who lives anywhere near 21 Milk Street, other than Emerson and Suffolk students?

(I don't consider any North End address, such as Hanover or North Street, to be "near" here.)


tourism at the corner of Washington and Milk? however will the city be able to handle tourism there!!!?


... chopped liver?
You really think this would be good for 18 year olds?

You need to have an ID saying you are over 21 to even enter a dispensary, let alone buy anything in it.

He's a litigious prick who does business on Milk St. and no doubt doesn't want this. Occam's razor baby!

People are already buying weed at DTX every day.


DTX has dealers who compete against each other. I always get the best prices.

I do miss when there were more at the statue in the Common.

Anyone from the north end is irrelevant and furthermore you have literally hundreds of not a thousand people buying weed in DTX all day everyday. An actual store would maybe cut down some of the sketchiness because people don’t have to verbally flag you down or barter with folks.

Extra police presence on Milk street would be nice. A pot shop might spur more stores openings on that desolate street.

3 years now since the vote (i think)
and still no recreational store in the city of Boston.

10/10 for MA state democracy.

The recreational dispensaries that have integrated best into the surrounding neighborhoods have been the ones that are appointment only. I hope these guys plan to do the same. It's the ones where people can wait in line that cause the biggest disruption.

Maybe if there were more than 1 shop open within 30 min of Boston there wouldn't be lines? Like if there were only 1 liquor store open in Boston then of course it'd be constantly busy.