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Employees at online home-furnishings company in Copley Square to walk out to protest furniture sales for border detention camps

Workers at Wayfair, the online home-furnishings concern, are organizing a walkout tomorrow afternoon to protest the company's decision to keep selling furniture to a government contractor that runs detention camps along the border. The walkout is scheduled for 1:30 p.m., with organizers hoping to have workers converge on Copley Square to demand the company end the contract and give the profits it's already made on the sales to RAICES, an immigration support group in Texas.

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Doubt it changes anything but great gesture nonetheless.


and loses the revenue from the sales. Which means that employees will likely lose pay and benefits, and could even be laid off.

In the meanwhile, another company will step in and fill the order. So the detention camps will get the furniture anyway.

And none of this will address the real issue here.

and the real issue is that since 1952, US immigration law has been 'stuck'. People hold different opinions about how open immigration policy should be, but we lack a political method to arrive at a compromise.

Wayfair is a large company that makes a lot in revenue. The $200k of this one sale will not make a difference. No one would be in danger of not being paid.


if more people who worked for corporations did this, well, that would change everything. and in what direction? toward the less fascist side of politics, because that is how most Americans vote.


So nobody gets furniture? I don't get it. No beds? I mean, isn't that the point?

Silly, but I do like Wayfair.


The Point: Don't put children in prison camps.


Oh wait...then you'll be screaming bloody murder about something else.

The real point: don't cross the border illegally.


The real point: don't cross the border illegally.

No, that's the bottom line for you because you're willfully (or otherwise) ignoring that application for asylum at the border is a legal process.

There's an incredibly vast chasm between what's going on there now and open borders.

And please spare me your pivot to the alternate talking point about how most asylum seekers aren't actually in danger etc.


The real point: some folks need to complain. About anything. If there is nothing to complain about they will create something to complain about.

The real point: some folks need to complain. About anything. If there is nothing to complain about they will create something to complain about.

In which a man on the internet complains about people complaining.

You hate to see it.

But if you can't write anything other than complaining about complaining about complaining....

stop complaining about complaining about complaining about complaining!

i have the even number, right?

"The real point: don't cross the border illegally."

At 12, my grandfather had to cross multiple borders illegally to stay alive.
Be thankful you've never been in that position.


If they wanted to make a positive contribution they would donate money or perhaps things that some of the kids in the detention centers might enjoy while the status of their "Alleged Parents" is being investigated

The people whom protests should be directed to are the "Alleged Parents" of the children from where-ever who are trying to enter the country outside of the normal process available for immigration

As 90% of the claims for asylum are ultimately denied by the Immigration Judges -- the vast majority of the "Alleged Parents"*1 are just looking for a short-cut around applying for a normal entry visa with all the rest

*1 documented cases of "Alleged Parents" renting the children to improve the strength of their Asylum Claim


Because nothing says "fair and efficient" like our immigration process for people from impoverished countries.

And who's to say the Wayfair employees didn't also donate money to the cause?


If they wanted to make a positive contribution they would donate money or perhaps things that some of the kids in the detention centers might enjoy ...

Donating things would be futile.

People want to donate diapers and toys to children at Border Patrol facilities in Texas. They’re being turned away.

[Texas Times]

A slew of other sympathetic people, advocacy groups and lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle have expressed a desire to lend a hand to the kids housed in the facilities. But after purchasing items like toys, soap, toothbrushes, diapers and medicine — especially as news reports circulate of facilities having drinking water that tastes like bleach and sick children without enough clothing — they’ve been met with a common message: No donations are being accepted.

Perhaps you are one of those "alleged patriots" who think that the protections of the Bill of Rights only apply to American citizens. You're wrong about that. I direct your attention to the Fourteenth Amendment, which says

nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

. Note that it says "any person," not "any citizen." The children and their parents are certainly being deprived of their liberty without due process, in violation of the Constitution. If you're OK with that, as you appear to be, then I have to question your "alleged humanity."

I notice you didn't bother to link to your alleged documented cases of rented children, so we can't see what bizarre conspiracy sites you get your alternative facts from...


i was like you once - thinking that online conservatives will read a post that consists of fact based arguments. if it’s longer than a paragraph they’re not gonna respond lol.


is angry

Are the Wayfair workers advocating open borders or just an end to the government providing decent furniture to those here illegally? They should get Seth Moulton to join them on the picket line since he didn't qualify for the debate tomorrow. Plenty of spare time and it's a free, much needed media hit before he drops out.


There's actually a huge range of options between "totally open borders" and "separate children from their families in detention camps". It's actually pretty striking that you seem to think that those are the only two choices here.


Person A: I think we should ban the death penalty. It's cruel and unusual punishment.

Person B: So you think all crimes should be legal?!

(my head explodes)


Person A: No borders! No nations! Fuck your deportations!

Person B: So you're for open borders?

Person A: No I'm not.

Persons C-R (as in Chinese and Russian internet trolls): Person B is a racist!

Person S (a naive leftie American): Yeah! Fuck racism!


roman's comment: does not follow


Person A: No borders! No nations! Fuck your deportations!

No one said that. You are, as usual, lying. Adam, block function please? This clown has nothing to say that's worth anyone reading.


We separate kids from their parents all the time -- that's the business for an entire department of the Mass Govt


  1. Parents] are substance abusers and also abuse their children
  2. Parent[s] just don't provide a humane environment for raising children
  3. Parents are being incarcerated for some infraction
  4. Parents abandon their children in a hot car

I'm sure you can think of others

So what do you do when you apprehend and then detain the "Alleged Parent" at the border who has violated the sovereign territory of the USA

  1. You initially can not be sure that the "child" [some seem quite mature for their alleged age] is even related to the "Parent" -- you have to sort that out
  2. Then like a good State Dept of Children Services [e.g. DCS] -- you need to make sure that the Parent is capable of being a good enough parent so that DCS will not be called to later separate the child from an abusive parent, drug dependent parent, or a parent on his/her way to jail for holding up a liquor store, etc, etc..
  3. Finally -- you need to make sure that there is somewhere for the family to reside while they await the adjudication of their Asylum Claim -- which will most likely be denied

Note -- Congress made the laws -- they can fix the problem -- for example by simply requiring the Asylum Claim be made either in a US Consulate in their home country, at an Official Border Crossing [where a hearing can be held on the merits] or in the first Asylum granting country [such as Mexico] that the immigrant travels through in trying to reach the US border

Everyone else is just politely escorted to the nearest Border Crossing and then sent home

NOTE: -- Nothing personal -- Just like Harvard we just can't accommodate everyone who wants to come in through the front door and we don't let people sneak in without a pass

the "alleged parent" nonsense.

because they's all criminal baby snatchers rite??!!!?!?!11

and none of what you spewed above addresses the mistreatment of children in violation of international laws.


You initially can not be sure that the "child" [some seem quite mature for their alleged age]

This is what all child sex offenders say about their victims. Thanks for explaining to us who you are.

an end to the government providing decent furniture to those here illegally

Yes, that's the thing we're all concerned about here. Who cares if these kids ever see their families again or if they get basic necessities like beds and soap and toothbrushes while we keep them in trapped in overcrowded cages and treat them worse than most cattle, they get free handouts of whatever loveseats and tasteful shelving units they want!


are all part of the democrats' open border gay trans abortion-loving latinx invasion conspiracy



Their objective is to make sure that their employer doesn't stand to profit from the incarceration and abuse of innocent children. One way is to cancel the order. Another is to donate the profits.


first place is indicative of the sleaziness of Wayfair LLC.

After the recent reports of the way little kids were basically tortured there (made to sleep on cement floors with the lights on, denied baths, left to the care of older children, etc.), why would any company want to have anything to do with those facilities?

Wayfair has officially lost my business for life, as Amazon did before them.


The only way to push. company to behave is to wave both a carrot and a stick. SO please don't say "for life"

Wonder if you know about the background of the CEO of Wayfair

from the Wikipedia Article on Niraj Shah, Wayfair Co-founder and CEO

Niraj Shah
Born Niraj S. Shah
1973/1974 (age 44–45)
Residence Back Bay, Boston, U.S.
Nationality American
Education Cornell University
Occupation Businessman
Known for Co-founder, Co-chairman & CEO, Wayfair
Home town Pittsfield, Massachusetts, U.S.
Net worth $2.4 billion (May 2019)
Board member of Wayfair
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
Spouse(s) Jill Shah
Children 2
Niraj S. Shah is an American billionaire businessman, and co-founder, co-chairman, and CEO of online retailer Wayfair.

Shah grew up in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, the son of immigrants from India.

His grandfather ran "steel manufacturing business in India, making pots and pans".

His father worked for General Electric as a mechanical engineer, and after his retirement, joined Wayfair early on, providing financial advice, and still works for the company.

Shah graduated from Cornell University, where he earned a bachelor's degree in engineering in 1995.

Sounds like the typical way migrants to the US become part of the US -- and an All-American Success Story

This says nothing about Shah's take on immigration, but it should be noted that there are plenty of shameful examples of immigrants who wanted to slam the door shut behind them. We have at least one who posts (or rather spews) here regularly.

"an immigrant's worst enemy is another immigrant"

in my experience, unfortunately that tends to be true.
immigrants who make it here and become established are among the least likely to support or show solidarity with new immigrants or asylum-seekers who are on the way in.

The false promise of the American Dream and that All-American "I-Got-Mine-Jack-Now-F-Off" attitude that pits poor and working class people against one another are responsible for that.

Will Wayfair employees be smashing their Apple iPhones and trashing their Nike shoes (both companies with clear track records of worker abusers and child exploitation)?

And good luck to any employee who decides to stay at their desk tomorrow and keep working - can you imagine how accepting their "progressive" coworkers will be to their differing opinions.

talk about a toxic work environment. this is shaping up to be a PR and HR nightmare for Wayfair.


Cave to the woke brigade, lose all my future business.


of an economic impact you’re gonna have with that boycott. Wayfair doesn’t sell fleshlights.


What's a fleshlight?

I make penis jokes for all to see.
Why, you ask, could that ever be?
Because, dear friend, I'm an adult. That's me!


Erig g just made one of the top comments of 2019. Give him a little credit there.


Please lose ALL business and return it to brick and mortar sellers with cheaper yet somehow not nearly as irritating advertising presence.

Even "I dowd it!" guy is better.

Have you ever purchased anything from Wayfair?

Or are we going Minority Report here and speaking about the theory of losing your future business to own the libs?


Quite nice too.

It's not really possible for me to stop doing business with Google unless I want to not have a phone, no matter how much I'd like to. Especially after their little stunt last year of refusing to renew their contract to work for the US military while being all too happy to do work to help the Chinese government.

But it would be possible for me to not ever buy a piece of furniture from Wayfair ever again.

I'm not saying you're lying to save face but I kinda think you might be lying to save face.

But lets be honest, you're never intellectually honest sooooooooo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Walk out and don’t come back. Most of the workers are confused communications and liberal arts majors working for a low salary because they envisioned working in the city. There is no future in ECommerce and the sooner they move onto getting their teaching credentials or moving onto a job in “sales” the better.


is their corporate HQ in the US. It’s where the c-suite execs work, along with most of the engineers they employ in North America. You know, the ones at whose feet wannabe-capitalists worship?

Also, I’m just going to go ahead and bookmark this as your go-to “old man yells at cloud” moment. Yeah, E-commerce is just a passing fad. Like radio or TV or smartphones.


What’s your browser of choice for making Internet Posts, erik g?

Everything you post is bullshit made up out of your own fantasies of what other people think and do. You should stop posting and try reality sometime.


Like you, I love posting on the Internet and will never stop because a Bad Poster whom I do not respect says I should. Now if you were a Good Poster, I would consider it.

So get to work making some Decent Posts (which I probably won’t read, haha) and maybe we’ll talk.

You're a toddler and a waste of bytes.

I think they should all quit and start their own online furniture store so they can compete with Wayfair.
They can sell only to those who agree with their worldview and go out of business .


When they all quit how long do you suppose wayfair.com will stay up? *Finally* something I'm qualified to opine on here.

Maybe an hour.

It's a brilliant move they figured out they have a lot of power.


Then they would replace everyone, people may think they are irreplaceable but they aren't

I absolutely love to watch conservatives move the goalposts on protest.

When you don’t protest: I see you snowflakes don’t actually care about this issue!

When you protest indirectly, like these Wayfair employees: You libtards actually think this will do anything at all? this is just a publicity stunt for Twitter followers! People need a thicker skin!

When you protest directly, like a march in the streets: Liberals are just as bad as what they claim to hate! Look at them rioting in the streets and harassing people!

It’s almost like conservatives don’t actually have any arguments of substance at this point.


Conservatives look at protesters (usually liberals) and see a bunch of losers. It is settled science that many have purple hair, piercings, cankles, and speak with nasally uptalk, but at least they are getting outside. It’s invigorating to be at a protest. You feel the power of a large group, passers by cheer you on, fellow protesters scream obscenities with you, the police and others can feel intimidated by your presence, and there are many opportunities for continued social interaction - all good things for someone that normally sucks.

Conservatives, on the other hand, are largely shut-ins. They seem to care about maintaining some of the current order of a society which has already shunned them. If you suck, you are much better off becoming a liberal protester and at least getting outside then being a conservative loser sitting at home pleasuring yourself.


It is settled science that many have purple hair, piercings, cankles, and speak with nasally uptalk

You are mentally ill. Please get professional help.


It's almost like conservatives don't have any arguments of substance at this point

Bingo! We have a winner.

Effective immediately, anyone buying Wayfair products will have to complete an in-depth questionnaire to ensure that the furniture will only be used for Socially Just purposes. The vetting process will take 8-12 weeks.


Or they could adopt a much simpler policy of not selling to child concentration camps. No I mean internment camps. Wait, make that detention centers. Umm, let’s call them large warehouses with chain link partitions. How about happy fun time sunshine camps? Yeah let’s go with that.


the border?

Or do you believe we should not enforce our immigration laws?

Or do you believe our immigration laws should allow anyone and anyone in?

Or do you have no solution, and are just letting your emotions rule you?

1. Stop unnecessarily separating children from parents.
2. Detain them together for no longer than the current law allows, in humane conditions, providing basic necessities and medical care as needed.
3. Process their asylum claims in a timely manner or release and track them, having them come back on their scheduled court date.

We are the richest country in the world. We can afford to do this the right way.


I recommend for your edification studying the history of immigration to the US. You might be surprised to learn that immigration has always been a proxy for various forms of anti-human beliefs. One example was the opposition to eastern and southern immigrants. These immigrants were abhored because 1) they were Catholic, 2) spoke foreign languages that were unacceptable, 3) many of the immigrants were Jews.

The opposition had nothing to do with there being too many immigrants. It was all about bigotry against anyone significantly different.

Opposition against immigration from the Central and South America has nothing to do with too many people entering the US taking up jobs US citizens would take. It's about bigotry against people who are brown skin and speak Spanish. The opposition is about a perception of an invasion by different people.

US citizens tend to be insular and cowardly. We allow disasters to develop and then, maybe step in.

Because the cohort that includes McConnell johnny come lately Donald Traitor Trump, have spend much of the careers imposing their bigoted beliefs, we now reach what seems to be a crisis point.

But because Traitor Trump, McConnell, etc. are fundamentally selfish cowards, they choose to torture children as an indirect tool of manipulation to terrorize immigrants and possible immigrants.

They are conveying the message the US will now resort to terror and torture to stop immigrants from the south.





But I’m not going to waste my time debating with you, as you have demonstrated over and over your inability to conduct an honest debate.

Helpful hint: please learn what a straw man is and why it’s not a legitimate debate tactic.