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On the Fairmount Line a sad refrain: All those buses can't replace the train

Working to right the derailed train near South Station

Workers try to get train back on track as dawn breaks. Photo by Johnmcboston.

The T canceled service on the Fairmount Line this morning after last night's train bumping near South Station. Instead, Fairmount riders were supposed to board substitute buses, only it seems there weren't enough buses to carry all those people. Just ask BostonGal:

Try to board HP train only to get turned away because you imbeciles didn’t add equipment.



Is this why there was some sort of track renewal vehicle grinding the rails on the Stoughton/Providence (specifically the section that runs along Hyde Park Ave in Roslindale) line from 12am-4am this morning? The sound was insufferable.

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But rail grinding is important to both restore a correct rail profile and to remove any small defects that have arisen.

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I saw a lot of empty shuttle buses at South Station. I think most Fairmount riders just try and take other lines from Readville or Hyde Park or take regula buses like the 15, 16, 19, 21, 22, 23, etc to the Red or Orange Lines instead of taking shuttle buses, since the shuttle bus route is very long compared to just taking a local bus to the subway.

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The T promises busses for train problems ALL.OF.THE.TIME. However, relief busses actually appearing where we are told they will be and then running the route they are supposed to is so infrequent as to be statistically never. It makes sense. Where are they going to magically acquire these busses in a system constantly complaining about equipment shortages? Where are they going to get the extra drivers who aren't scheduled to run a route that doesn't exist and they don't know?

People long long ago stopped believing the T when they pretend to have contingency plans.

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