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Further proof downtown Boston has become residential: Late-night cookie delivery is proposed

Boston Restaurant Talk reports that Insomnia Cookies has filed a request to open a late(ish)-night cookie delivery service at 61 Bromfield St.

The company, which already delivers cookies into the early morning to BU students, is asking the Boston Licensing Board for permission to stay open until 3 a.m. on Bromfield.



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I hope ex-Secretary of State John Kerry is getting a cut of the profits, since the late night Boston cookie concept was originally his idea before meeting Mrs. Heinz. I believe this was during what he described as his "wandering years" living out of a Buick provided free by a North Shore car dealer caught up in the indictment of Congressmen Nicholas Mavroules (D-MA). Of course, Kerry blamed an aide for not making his house car payments.

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I'm just really happy to have learned all this about him through an innocent cookie article.

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I really hope you buy a muzzle soon...

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