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On to game 2

Make Way for Ducklings root for the Bruins

Jack the duckling, along with Mrs. Mallard and all the other ducklings in the Public Garden are, of course, rooting for the Bruins, as JC Considine shows us.



I'm SO hoping the duckboat parade is on a weekday. Last Bruins parade in 2011, it was on the weekend and Commuter Rail couldn't handle the capacity on the Saturday schedule. It was a disaster.

The commute is bad enough without adding a huge parade. See, for example, the most recent Patriots parade. Better to have it on a Saturday, and increase the number of commuter rail trains that are running.


have consistently proven that they really don't have a formal plan in place for dealing with these victory parades.

And the City needs to grow a pair and demand the parade be held on a date and time of their choosing, instead of always caving into the (insert name of any League here)'s demands that the parade be held immediately after the final game.

No way, the players want to get out of town to start their offseason, it’s up to the team. I can’t believe people don’t like the parades, the city is alive that day and everyone is full of joy. That doesn’t happen outside of duckboards parades or the marathon!

Trust me. I'm in it every day. The City doesn't you showing up for a parade to be 'alive'. This is 2019 not 1980.

The parade has to be within a couple of days from the last game because the players are long gone. You can have a parade a week later, but nobody will be in it.

and always has been. If the players don't want to attend the parade for their own selfish reasons, then perhaps the League should start re-thinking those obscenely large salaries they pay these people.

And it's the City that's expending their resources to hold these events. Logic and common sense should dictate that the City be allowed to dictate the basic terms of the parade, like when and where the event is held. And if the League and the players are too obstinate to accept that, then the City should just walk away and refuse to host the event. After all, it's not like the world will end if we don't have it.

The players are done and they just want to go home, they want to get back to their families and enjoy some time with them. It's not a BS excuse, it's reality.

Yup, the city pays for it and can schedule it whenever they'd like to have it. See who shows up if you hold it 10 days after the last game. That's just the reality of the situation.

What if Anaheim were in the Finals?

announcement at North Station:

Your attention please. Train now leaving on Track Five for Anaheim, Azusa, and Cu-comanga.