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Gunfire in Central Square a day after shooting in Harvard Square

Cambridge Police report somebody fired at least one round at Pearl and Green streets in Central Square shortly before 6 p.m. No reports of anybody injured.

The gunfire comes after a person was shot in Harvard Square early Sunday.

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of poppopoppop I would hear from balcony on a warm summer night.

I've heard a lot more of those noises living in the country than I ever have in the city.

Not quite as well known as the Boston variety.

Out in the country, constant gunfire, the week before deer season it sounds like a war zone.


There's a subtle difference between gunfire in a place where you expect it, like in the countryside or in the wilderness, and gunfire in a place where there should be no gunfire whatsoever, like a crowded square in Cambridge.

Out in "the country" it's the sound of gun clubs and people plinking out in their yards or in the woods. On a warm summer night in Mission Hill, it's a score being settled. Not the same, eh?

Out in "the country" its also the sounds of people being shot to death. The two states with the highest gun death rates are Alaska and Arkansas. It doesn't get more "country" than that. Just good ol' Trump voters shooting themselves and others.

killing each other over sneakers and man-jewelry.

Give it a rest guy. I know you think everything outside of Boston/Cambridge/Sommerville city limits is some mix of Deliverance and Handmaid's Tale, but reality disagrees.

Rain on the roof, fire crackling in the grate, a cat purring, the pitter-patter of little lies.


it is not required that you get these little digs in every time an opportunity presents itself. But given your level of fear of all kinds of different people, it's probably best you stay out of the city as much as possible.

Not the fault of the people for shooting at each other over nothing.

Woke FTW.

but then again, nobody accuses you of knowing how to sustain an argument.

to me in language my 6-year-old-and-barely-literate-yet-also-a-grouchy-old-man self can understand how it would be better for me to follow the leftie handbook and assiduously strive to virtue-signal in the Approved Way by
1. offering secular thoughts and prayers
2. grouse about "gun culture"
3. do my damnedest to ignore the otherwise self-evident fact that when one human being shoots another for no good reason, the problem is first and foremost inside the shooter's head and not in his hands.

Or just throw some more insinuations and aspersions my way. I'll just crank up the Taylor Swift and tune it out. Haters gonna hate or something like that.

with your self-righteous rage.

Since when has Society deteriorated to this inhuman, neanderthal and no empathy for survivors or all those who are involved.

You're irrelevant statement implies that you do not care about the human aspect of someone being shot and a potential shooter is still loose in that community.


Porter, Davis and Alewife...be on alert!

with that bank robber a couple of weeks ago. Who got away on foot and is still at large!